Mar 7, 2012

Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3T - All Posts

This is a collection of all the posts regarding the S10-3T. Some of these tips can be used on other systems. Explore them and use them wisely. Enjoy!




  • Other Ideas And Buzz
    • Use S10-3T As A Secondary Monitor
    • Intel AppUp Store
    • Microsoft Touch Pack For Win 7
    • Netflix And Hulu
    • Disable Search Indexing
    • Speech Recognition With S10-3T
    • News And Buzz

  • S10-3T vs iPad
    • Bias
    • Hardware Keyboard
    • Screen
    • Form Factor
    • Webcam
    • Cats
    • Best Unbox Video
    • Input/Ports
    • Speakers
    • Self Stand
    • Expansion Slots
    • Battery
    • CPU/GPU
    • Heat And Noise
    • Sleep And Wake Up
    • Wifi Signal
    • Touch Screen
    • Storage
    • Win 7 vs iOS
    • The End


  • Audio Tips
    • System Sounds
    • Louder Speakers
    • Loudness Equalization
    • Switch Audio Device

  • Useful Portrait Tablet
    • Taskbar
    • Windows Views And Single Press Touch
    • Flicks
    • TabTip
    • Firefox + Grab And Drag + FastestFox
    • Foobar2000 - Music Player
    • VLC - For Videos
    • Windows Journal - Easily Take Notes
    • Microsoft Outlook - Calendar
    • Adobe PDF Reader

That was a lot of work! I'll now move on to the Lenovo ThinkPad X201 Tablet.

Reply to a request to add these articles/posts to Lenovo's KB.


I'm not against others borrowing the content I have created. I see that centralizing information is also a very good if the purpose is to capture and retain traffic. It would certainly work well for Lenovo if my content was copied and pasted on their KB. But I do have a problem with most forums, social networks, and Q&A sites, which is the payment of those that created the initial work.

Work is time and effort, and that content required a lot of work. While I don't earn much through that effort it is enough to continue my blogging efforts. I am not paid/employed by Lenovo or any other company. I have burned through around $???? of my own money creating content online, which puts me at a net loss. The posts on my blog are little assets that hopefully return the time, effort, and money invested.

By giving away what I have created to other sites I also give away potential of recovering the effort. I did not create that content for the sole purpose of making money, if it was a pure business venture I would have been broke already. hahaha I have published the earnings on my site but have not mentioned the losses.

I have been asked by Lenovo [reps,mods] a few times to create original content on the forums and KB. While I could give time and effort and write articles for free it is not wise. I am not employed, not rich, and need to earn at least crumbs to survive. I'm not against noble community efforts, but I am against not getting paid where there should be payment. I know that as a forum moderator you work a lot giving helpful advice and guidance, I sure hope you are getting something back. I guess it depends on whether you think your effort is work or a hobby. ;-) If I was paid by Lenovo to write articles for the KB I would gladly do it because the salary would be much higher than what I currently make through my online blogging efforts. ;-)

At one point I used to spam a lot in forums and Q&A sites, which is something that I have stopped. The announcement that I posted hopefully is not intrusive because many S10-3T owners are seeking this information and it may help them.

So those are my thoughts.

Jesse B Andersen



  1. Are you still blogging about s10-3t? I have just loaded the android x86 4.0 RC1 onto s10-3t.
    It is fun. It may gives this slightly outdated hardware a new lease of life.

    Keep up the good work.