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Lenovo Natural Touch is a multimedia program that focuses on an easy interface to play with your media.  I got it running on the Lenovo S10-3T (not optimized yet), the Acer Aspire One (optimized), and my desktop pc.

Quick history:
I installed Windows 7 Pro on the S10-3T and quickly realized that the Natural Touch was nowhere online.  So I reinstalled the Starter edition and figured that the program can be copied and pasted anywhere and it runs a OK.  Now that I have the files I can install Windows 7 Pro, install the drivers, and then install this awesome program.

Link to the program:
Official Download - consumersupport.lenovo.com
Unofficial Download - The Free FTP - Lenovo Natural Touch ( Service Expired, so the download file is gone )

Visit http://www.lenovos103t.com for more Lenovo S10-3T news, hacks, and much more.

[update - March 26, 2010]
Open uCheckUpdate.exe from your Natural Touch folder to get the dedicated side button working!  Thanks to Jared for noticing the update.

Side Button Works

If you downloaded Natural Touch and the S10-3T side button does not launch the program you may want to run "uCheckUpdate.exe" which is located at "C:\Program Files\Lenovo\Lenovo NaturalTouch". Once you run the update the side button will work.

Remove Annoying Crack/Chain Ding Sound

There's an annoying sound that is produced when you move around in Natural Touch, but there is a solution.
  • Go to "C:\Program Files\Lenovo NaturalTouch"
    • or "C:\Program Files\Lenovo\Lenovo NaturalTouch"
  • Find the "WindowsDing" file.
  • Rename or delete the file.

Once this file has been modified the annoying sound will be gone.

Published: Mar 5, 2010


  1. Hi,

    I will try it out. Thanks for this post :)

  2. Let me know how it runs. I hope it works for you.

  3. Jesse, have you figured out how to reassign the Natural Touch app to the Natural Touch button on the screen? Thanks!

  4. I haven't found a way to reassign the button. I haven't figured out how to make it launch Natural Touch either.

    There's two methods to get the button working:
    Fresh install of Natural Touch from your recovery partition
    Somehow trick arcsoft to give you the update

    Fresh install means that you have to find the installer from within a package that has all the programs (this is not easy because you have to extract program installers and it's not a zip or standard compressed package)

    Arcsoft created Natural Touch and they have an update site for it:
    If anyone could trick Arcsoft that you ran an older version of Natural Touch then you could probably download the installer. (Run uCheckUpdate.exe)
    Or if we had access to Arcsoft's FTP then we could download it.

    To figure out what is the exact component that allows the button to work I would have to compare my current processes with the default processes. It's also something that is executed at startup (msconfig).

    I don't want to go back to Starter but would do it if I was to update to an SSD drive. If I was Lenovo I would have a button manager that controls what everything does and would allow users to change them to their needs. I'm sure someone will come up with a solution.

  5. So, I found if you name the folder "Lenovo NaturalTouch" and place this folder under Program Files\Lenovo the update will find the install and upgrade it :)

  6. @Jared You are correct. There is an update and this update installs the Natural Touch button. This works very well! I wouldn't have noticed it but I sent tons of HTTP requests at the Arcsoft website. (I thought they would ban my IP after some "ilegal requests")

    For those that want to update their Natural Touch browse to wherever you copied the Natural Touch files.

    In my case:
    Program Files\Lenovo NaturalTouch
    Open uCheckUpdate.exe


  7. hello, just want to ask if the lenovo natural touch will also work in windows vista? thanks

  8. @noobieta I'm unsure if Natural Touch will work under Vista. You can download the program and try it out. Let us know if it works.

  9. hi, I just updated windows 7 pro.

    Everything work fine now except that the buttons do not work.

    First the screen rotation button. I installed the driver for screen rotation several times, but the button still won't work.

    Second, the button to activate lenovo natural touch: I copied the natural touch folder to c:\program files. Then I run uCheckUpdate.exe.
    THe installation stoped and I got a message saying that lenovo natural touch is not currently installed, and ask me to install it first.

    Anyone encounter the same? Thanks for the help.


  10. Update:

    I have successfully updated Lenovo Natural Touch by putting the files in
    Program Files\Lenovo\Lenovo NaturalTouch\.

    But the button still does not work.

    Please help.


  11. hello Jesse, I want to buy this pc and an anytime upgrade from windows 7 starter. Since I do want to run into these problems do you know if an upgrade to Home premium would work? Or would i encounter the same problems as you with the upgrade to Pro?

    b regards

  12. i mean i do NOT want to run into these problems :-)

  13. @Xiaoming I'm unsure why the button would not work. I have updated my stuff and it all works fine. Key thing is to not lose internet connection while it's doing it's updating. For the Natural Touch I hate the button so I don't use it.

    @annemieke Upgrade to Home Premium works. I have mine currently in Home Premium. (used to have pro but then removed it)

  14. Hello Jesse,

    I read a comment on amazon and I want to ask you with that comment:

    "I have read many reviews on these netbook/tablets and some very important information is missing in each one and as a set.
    Either the graphics subsystem is not detailed and/or the memory upgrade is confusing at best.
    1. windows 7 starter only supports 2gb memory and MS says to sell started ed. the netbook has to have 1 gb max installed. At least thats the basis they originally set up.

    Memory issues:
    2. some netbooks/tablets appear to have on-board memory AND a single slot for upgrading. requiring installing ONLY a 1gb module.
    3. some netbooks/tablets appear to ONLY have a single memory slot and require replacing the 1gb ram module with a 2gb module.
    4. do some netbooks/tablets have 2 slots for memory?

    5. Upgrading is required of windows 7 Starter to get Multi-touch on tablets.
    6. the Intel Atom N450 supports 64bit. [...]
    7. if I upgrade to windows 7 home premium/professional 64bit, can i install and run more than 4gb ram and make these buggers really go???

    I would hope someone out there has tried some of these things as it seems silly to upgrade to only 2gb if a larger option is possible.
    Just asking for help. "

  15. @Anonymous

    Windows 7 Starter is crap, solution is to upgrade. Yes you won't get multi-touch with Starter.

    Memory issues
    Most netbooks do have 1 slot with capacity of 2GB RAM, but usually come with 1GB RAM (I know because I have owned an Acer Aspire One, MSI Wind, and the S10-3T, and have played with a HP Mini)

    The N450 does support 64 bit, but it's pretty useless. There's no major advantage with 2GB Ram and the Intel Atom processor.

    With a desktop computer you can upgrade to 64 bit windows 7 and enjoy more than 4GB. I currently have 8GB Ram and 64 bit Windows 7 Pro and it's ok for the most part. 32bit apps like games sometimes have issues and crash with the 64bit operating system. For netbooks 2GB is about as max as you can get (blame the bios and motherboard makers, and Microsoft)

    If I designed a netbook I would allow many swappable parts, including a graphics chip, hard drive, ram memory, CPU, and other things. The industry doesn't like "upgradeable" systems because they lose money when a person buys a part upgrade. They want you to toss your old system and get a brand new one. They make far more profit with this in mind. Apple is great example of this industry method. They close their iPods so that if you want a larger capacity you have to toss your old system, and buy the new system. Same goes for it's battery. This is why I go for brands like Creative which are a bit more open, they include SD card slot, and swappable battery parts.

    Microsoft did dictate a lot of what netbooks could be, which is a horrible thing to do. I'm a big fan of the netbook form factor/size, I believe that they should be allowed to be as powerful as laptops. The Alienware M11X is the closest thing to a gaming netbook that there is today. (It's not called a netbook, but it's darn close) Slightly bigger but with multi-touch is the HP TM2T which goes onto the laptop tablet category.

    By the end of this year we should see some really awesome stuff. By next year there should be multiple "gaming netbooks" which means that the netbooks will be more powerful in CPU, Ram, and graphics. This of course will diminish the battery life of netbooks. Which is a very important thing for me. I love systems that I don't have to plug in all the time. The S10-3T does a good job at this (the 8 cell version). We will see some awesome and cool stuff.

    I think I wrote too much, laters and thanks for bringing some good points.

    Jesse B Andersen

  16. hello Jesse,

    My button to activate lenovo natural touch works now, but the screen rotation button still does not work. I activated auto rotation, but i still want the button to work. When I click start I can see the icon for screen rotration settings.

    At this point, everything else except screen rotation button is working perfectly, thanks to your posts on this website, thank a lot.

  17. @Xiaoming

    You might have to reinstall the screen rotation program. First uninstall the existing program, then reinstall it. You can download the installer here - http://bit.ly/dlqrSS

    I hope that fixes your problem. Let us know.

  18. Lenovo also offer Natural Touch for download at their site. http://consumersupport.lenovo.com/ph/en/DriversDownLoads/APR_Driver_List.aspx?CategoryID=45252&OS=Windows%207%2032bit&cid=0#

    I installed Win7 Pro the moment I got the S10-3t running and right now everything works aside from the rotation button. However, the accelerometer works a LOT faster now compared to Starter.

  19. You are right about the Natural Touch program on their downloads. Natural Touch is under "Touchpad".

    If you are running 64bit Win 7 then you will probably run into those driver issues. If you have 32bit then those drivers should work and the rotation button should be fine.

    Make sure to tweak Lenovo Energy Management for performance. It makes the biggest difference in the system.

  20. how to maximize it?i have a 19 inch lcd.it looks very smaller in my lcd.it open in center of lcd screen.tell me how to maximize it?

    [email protected]

  21. @pinakel
    You can't maximize Natural Touch to some higher resolutions. I have seen Natural Touch running at full screen with 1152 * 864 when the external display is cloned. If you extend the external display then you can't maximize Natural Touch.

    Do the Screen Resolution hack to get higher resolutions on your S10-3T and then clone the display.

    Screen resolution hack:

    Cloning the screen:

  22. @Jesse thanks for your reply.just found a small utility called "auto sizer" its maximize NaturalTouch.its worked well in my lcd.download it from here- http://bit.ly/9CIneu

    [email protected]

  23. another http://code.google.com/p/winsupermaximize/

    [email protected]

  24. How do you add shortcuts to your natural touch?

    I want a button to go to google, gmail, and xkcd (or this site).. but I can only seem to add the "default"websites....

  25. is there any manuals for the natural touch? I am having some problem with my ebook.

    1. I am not able to create new shelf. I was able to create one by accident when I first bought the notebook but I don't know how to create it. The right click button don't bring me any options in ebook. On the top of the ebook menu. I can see the Home button, Back button, Open and delete.

    2. When I try to read the pdf file in portrait format, I used my finger to magnify the pages. Whenever I magnify the pages, the rest of the pages don't load properly on the screen. It only occupied half of the screen and the bottom half remains black.

    I have already trying to google search for a solution for the last 2 hours but not able to find anything and I can't even find the manuel.

    Do you know how to correct the problem? I'd be very appreciated if you can guide me the right direction. Thanks a lot.

  26. @cibyg and Anonymous
    The solution to your problems is to not use Natural Touch. You can create shortcuts on your desktop like Microsoft thought of. Natural Touch is kind of cool, but it's not really usable since it's not the best program for anything.

    I know you can create things at the settings (lower right if I'm right). I don't have an S10-3T anymore so I can't be of much help.

  27. hi jesse,

    i just bought an S10-3 and it was running very slow out-of-the-box.

    i could barely watch a movie using vlc and virtualbox with ubuntu was snail-slow.

    so i upgraded to 2gb mem and cloned my drive onto an old WD 500gb Scorpio Black.

    then i ran all of your optimization suggestions.

    it's now running almost as fast as my 2year old Asus 900ha with 1gb of mem and a slower HD.

    Natural Touch app runs faster than before optimization instructions. (of course no touch screen)

    Probably something in the license deal with MS that IBM that they would conspire to sell us something slow.

    I got my Lenovo S10-3 on sale for $250 at frys
    and the 2gb ddr3 mem upgrade from crucial for $34. (crucial shipped me ddr2 that didn't fit the first time around)

    i am not about to blow $80 on a window 7 home premium upgrade.

    what a bunch of work.

    funny thing is asus no longer sells the 900ha which once sold for $250 also.

    asus hopped in bed with MS too. they started making netbooks that require major surgery to upgrade HD, mem, bat. (built in obsolecense)

    at least IBM makes it easy to do those things
    with the lenovo. their business clients would scream otherwise.

    Linux: smaller leaner faster
    Windows: bigger fatter slower

  28. @Anonymous
    I agree with a lot of what you said. Netbooks are excellent low cost systems but the companies love to add features that "make them different" than other netbooks, but in the end it slows them a lot.

    Lenovo now sells only 2GB S10-3Ts at their website, which is a good thing. I have recommended the 2GB for the Lenovo S10-3T and I have sold over 150 2GB RAM modules via Amazon referral links. Who knows how many have sold through other places like Newegg and Tigerdirect. People just want fast netbooks, whoever can deliver on this simple request can gain a lot of loyal fans.

    Yes Windows 7 is slower than Linux at simple tasks, but it has a ton of features and programs that people want. I use Windows 7 for everything I do, there are specific programs that I need and can't get with Linux.

    I'm glad the blog helped you. Installing a fresh copy of Windows 7 does miracles to your system. It gets rid of tons of background processes. The number one thing that slows down computers, after energy management programs, are anti virus software. I don't have anti virus software on any of my systems, but I'm way careful with what I download.

    We'll see what MS is up to on their new Windows 8 operating system. I hope they make it leaner and smoother for desktop computing and small systems like netbooks. Anyways, enjoy your system. I have a Lenovo X201 blog where I usually post stuff now, maybe you can get some ideas there too.

  29. Hi Jesse,

    I got the latest version from lenovo web site, but I can't run it on my non lenovo computers, it works well on my x61, but not on my Windows7 tablet, how did you get it to work on non lenovo system. Was it the same version?

    Thanks for any help you can provide,


  30. @Fred
    Apparently Lenovo has udpated the program and don't allow it to run on anything but a S10-3T. The first few versions of the program did not have the system checkup, so it would run on any Windows system.

  31. Hi Jesse,

    You're right, the version I downloaded doesn't even install on my x61 now. what a shame I didn't kept previous version when I had it...

    Thanks for the quick answer, and if you have a backup of previous version somewhere I would not be able to thank you enough.


  32. @Fred
    No backup file on my end. I'm sorry. Maybe someone at the Lenovo S10-3T Facebook group can help you.



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