Sep 15, 2011

Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3T - Windows Starter Does Not Have Multi-Touch / Flicks

Windows 7 Stater is probably a complete waste of Operating System.  One thing you have to keep in mind is that Starter does not have multi-touch and Flicks support.

On a Windows 7 tablet Flicks are very useful because they are like quick shortcuts to commonly used functions.


Windows 7 Starter does not have monitor "extend" mode either. I highly recommend upgrading to Home Premium or above.



  1. Bottom right of your screen has a glare :)

  2. Ive been thinking about buying the dv6tQE but with all this ivy bridge news i'm scared that it will be outdated fast.

    P.S Is the quad core 2.0 enough to run anything? I see that you have 10+ programs open most of the time......

    IK that the video card is great. ;)


  4. If you have too many programs opened you are multi-tasking too much. :) The most intensive programs I use are GRAW2 and Sony Vegas. The DV6T QE runs them just fine.

    If you have no urgency wait for the next generation CPUs. Although if you recall the first batch of Sandy Bridge CPUs were faulty. It could happen to the Ivy Bridge. When I got the DV6T QE I needed a laptop somewhat urgently.

    That glare is especially seen at night time because I have to turn on every light I can for the videos to be half decent. The problem of daytime filming is the amount of people around in the world making noise.

  5. Windows 7 Starter? I've never seen that OS before (heard of it, yes, but not seen).

    It's apparently intentional crippleware designed for one purpose and one purpose only: to ensure that super-low-cost netbooks (read: 200 dollar or less no-name made in China toys) use crippled Windows instead of Linux or Chrome OS.

    Bottom line: Nobody BUYS Windows 7 starter standalone (I doubt that MS even sells a standalone version of W7 Starter). People who by laptops preloaded with W7 starter won't know enough to care that it's crippled.


    PS: I remember coming across an article somewhere on Engadget or Lifehacker that showed how you could enable enhanced features like transparency on W7 starter with some kind of patch or registry hack. Not sure if pen flicks are among those features you can hack into W7.