Mar 6, 2012

Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3T - Drivers And Software

Every once in a while you may need to reinstall drivers, and software. If you reinstalled Windows 7 or XP you may need to get a hold of these drivers and programs.

Before reinstalling Windows 7/XP
Automatic rotation essential DLLs are not found on the online drivers. If you reinstalled Windows those things are gone.

Wrongly Listed Drivers
Sometimes pc manufacturers wrongly list drivers on their support websites. You may have to explore systems with similar names, and in doing so you may actually find the correct drivers. This occurred to me while I was searching for the wifi drivers for "Broadcom BCM94313HMG2L". I found the drivers on the Lenovo "S10-3" page, which is different system than the "S10-3T"


These drivers should also work on 64bit operating systems.



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