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Feb 27, 2012

Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3T - Windows 7 Flicks (Basic And Advanced)

[Flicks are a Windows 7 Home Premium and above feature]

Flicks are neat touch gestures that allow you to do a few things quickly in Windows 7. I have used Flicks on almost every tablet that I have used.

Default flicks.

Navigational flicks enabled.

Each one of these flicks can be customized. For the details check:
Microsoft - What are pen flicks?

I like the basic flicks, but I like editing them to suit my needs.

Some of my current flicks:
  • Up - Maximize Window (F11)
  • Up/Right - 3D Flip (Ctrl+Win+Tab)
  • Right - Back
  • Down/Right - Cycle Tabs (Ctrl+Tab)
  • Down - Taskbar (Win+B)
  • Down/Left - Copy
  • Left - Forward
  • Up/Left - Paste

I wish flicks adjusted to the currently running program, but for now we have to settle for flicks that don't adjust.

One way of launching programs through flicks is by adding a shortcut to the desktop, add a key shortcut to them, and then edit a flick with the same key combination.

Some ideas:
Launching a virtual keyboard with a flick
  • Very commonly used programs, websites, explorer, files, etc.
  • Try Ctrl+Alt+Tab instead of the normal Alt+Tab
  • Launching Windows Mobility Center or Lenovo Simpletab

More shortcuts at:

If you disable flicks you can achieve a smoother experience, if you don't need them then disable them.


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