Feb 24, 2012

Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3T - External Display Modes

The S10-3T has a VGA port which allows you to connect an external display. The external display may be a computer monitor, tv, or projector.

Windows 7 Starter does not have multiple monitor support. You need to upgrade to Home Premium, Pro, or Ultimate. If I recall it may just clone the screen, and not "extend".

There are 4 display modes which can be accessed via 3 different methods:
  • Fn + F3 for the Lenovo way
  • Win + P key combination  for the Microsoft way.
  • Right click on desktop and click "Screen Resolution" for manual adjustments

If you press Win + P you will get these options:
  • Disconnect Projector
    • Only the S10-3T monitor is enabled.
  • Duplicate
    • Also known as 'clone mode'.
    • Replicates the image of the S10-3T monitor to the external display.
  • Extend
    • Enables the use of the external monitor in conjunction with the S10-3T's screen.
    • By default it will try to do the external display's native resolution (but can be modified)
  • Projector Only
    • Disables the S10-3T's screen and enables only the external display.
    • It will try to set the external display's native resolution.

If you don't want wires there's an alternative method via wireless methods.


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