Feb 27, 2012

Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3T - WWAN (3G)

Image just for reference.

WWAN (3G) cards allow your S10-3T to get internet through "cell phone" services. Most S10-3Ts do not include these cards, but you can add them.

Lenovo Tech Support recommended these 3G modem (Jun 14, 2010):
  1. Ericsson F3607gw: 0BDB_1905, 0BDB_1907
  2. Huawei EM770/770U/770W: 12D1_1003, 12D1_1001, 12D1_1404
  3. Qualcomm GOBI: 05C6_9204, 05C6_9205
  4. Huawei EM660: 12D1_1001 12D1_1404

This info comes from Lenovo's forum:
3G Modems for S10-3t are a messy affair

You will also need a SIM card. The slot for the SIM card is located in the battery compartment.

Download compatible drivers at:
Lenovo - IdeaPad S10-3T Drivers Page

Guide for unsupported 3G cards:
Netbooks.ph - Adding 3G


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