Mar 16, 2010

Can your iPad do this? The S10-3T can.

I have been trying to figure out a way to do wireless for the longest time.  With a few adapters I can create a wired free system in which I manipulate a tablet and all of that is projected through a mini projector.

I'm sure the iPad cannot do some of the things that I can do with the S10-3T because it's a very closed system.  That is fine if you want to do what the iPod Touch does already and maybe read a few books.  The S10-3T can do lot's of things.  Check the video and let me know what you think.

The future is going to be amazing.  One day we won't have to hook anything through cables anymore.  This is a glimpse of what the future might hold.

Gear on this video:
Lenovo S10-3T
iSiVaL MP720B1 Projector
Warpia Wireless USB to PC/TV/Monitor
IoGear Wireless GBMH221
Kensington Bluetooth

Recorded with the Flip UltraHD

Using Toshiba's bluetooth stack:


Anonymous said...

You have a point there - this Lenovo tablet seems to be offering much more to the user.
The coolest part was the wireless display on the TV. Warpia Wireless USB Audio Video Display Adapter (newer version than the one shown in the clip) allows you to enjoy this experience today - no need to wait for the future :)

Jesse B Andersen said...

Yes I'm in contact with Warpia and I'm trying to get the newest version (the DVI and USB ports one) It still won't come out for another three weeks. When I ordered the one I have I didn't notice that it didn't have the audio output, so I got stuck with the older one and ended up using Bluetooth for audio.

You can check the latest version Warpia adapter at http://www.warpia.com/

Once I get my hands on with the newest version I'll post a video. Performance should be better too.

emersonvier said...

As possible pos picture side on you conect the Warpia, I two leds Greem an Blue???
Thx a lot


Jesse B Andersen said...

@emersonvier I'm unsure what your question is but if you need help from Warpia you should check their customer support page:

I hope that helps.

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