Several Questions - How to contact JBA, Slow Typing Response Fix, Accidental Touchpad Clicks, Loudness Equalization

When someone subscribes to my Youtube channel I get an email notification.  So... I'm curious and I visit the profile page.  Interestingly I found a message that I wish I had received earlier (at the time of this posting is one week old).  There are several questions in the comment so I'll go over them one by one.

How do i send a question to jesse b anderson about one of his fixes to speed up a keyboard? My Eee PC ASUS
keyboard cursor skips around and from a lower paragraph or even in the middle of a line it jumps backwards and resumes typing totally out of place?? help!
I also cannot always hear even when at 100% but have extremely good hearing.
any help you can give will be so appreciated!!!

How to contact JBA?
With a simple google search "jesse b andersen" you can find the blog. Now go to the bottom of the page and you will find many contact methods. If you are a Youtube user check my channel and you can send me a message there.

Regarding Slow Typing Response Fix
I tried with an S10-3T but it may also work for the Asus system. This "fix" does not cause the problems mentioned. Check Slow Typing Response Fix. The problem may be accidental touchpad clicks.

Regarding Accidental Touchpad Palm Clicks
The latest drivers of the Synaptics touchpads has improved accidental palm clicks, but for those that continue to have this problem you can download a program and get it fixed.
Check - Stop Accidental Touchpad Touch when Typing

Regarding Loudness Equalization
Sometimes laptop seem very silent. There are ways to improve the audio levels. The cause of this audio problem is that Windows does not equalize sounds automatically Equalization can improve the overall system's volume. Without this featured enabled some videos may seem really loud, and others will be extremely silent. I have enabled Loudness Equalization on most systems (including my current HP Pavilion DV6T QE).

To activate Loudness Equalization follow these steps:
  • Hit Windows Key and type "Sound" (you should see it under "Control Panel")
  • Open the Sound program
  • Click on the speakers you want to modify (usually if you are playing audio you will see the active speaker bar moving up and down)
  • After selecting your audio source click the Properties button
  • Click the Enhancements tab
  • Click on the Loudness Equalization checkbox
  • Click Apply and then OK buttons.
Hopefully this gets your audio up to more enjoyable levels.  Enjoy!


1515 said...
at 14:01 it look like there is a blue light on the bottom of the keyboard just wondering :)

Jesse B Andersen said...

Looks like it. But it doesn't have a backlight.

dsethwebber said...

Is this the Jesse that is Billy Corgan's brother?

Jesse B Andersen said...

No, and I didn't know of Billy until your message.

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