Lenovo ThinkPad X201 Tablet - All Posts

It was a lot of work to get these posts created and then transferred from the lenovox201.com blog. Enjoy!


  • Some Programs And Games
    • Tune-Up Utilities
    • Thinix Touch
    • Martview
    • Kindle vs NOOK For PC
    • VirtuaWin
    • BatteryBar Pro
    • Stardock Fences
    • SAI For Drawing
    • Microsoft Surface Collage
    • Lenovo SimpleTap
    • Typing with OSK on a X200 Tablet
    • Playing StarCraft With X201T
    • Playing Dirt 2 With X201 Laptop
    • Playing StarCraft 2 With X201T


  • Questions And Answers
    • Should I get multi-touch for the X201 Tablet?
    • Does the Lenovo X201 Tablet have Firewire?
    • Hibernation problems with the X201!
    • I have touch panel issues with my X201 Tablet!
    • What is the keyboard "red button" on Lenovo ThinkPads?
    • How to get out of Sleep Mode on the X201T?
    • Can you use the X201 Tablet as a notebook?

  • Issues/Problems
    • Random Screen Clicks
    • Hinge Wobble And High Pitch Fan
    • Screen Dust And Scratches
    • X201T Will Not Boot


  • Finding The Case
    • rooCase 12.1 Inch Laptop Black Deluxe Bag Case
    • CaseCrown 14.1 Inch Laptop Sleeve
    • Targus X60 Tablet Case


Published: Mar 19, 2012


  1. Hi!I saw your video using pen pressure in Windows Journal, but how can I adjust pen pressure in Paint Tool Sai? Thanks.

    1. Search on YouTube for "pressure sensitivity SAI".

  2. Hi!
    i have x201 tablet and i dont know how to make it a multi touch...
    do i have to change some settings?

    1. There are different versions of the X201T. One of them allows multi-touch + digitizer pen input. The other one only allows digitizer pen input, and NO touch. The digitizer pen input one cannot be changed to be multi-touch.

  3. Hello
    Can you help me find recovery dvd for 201 tablet?

    1. Check Lenovo's support website. Also, check http://www.lenovospareparts.com


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