Nov 28, 2011

Samsung Series 7 Slate - Swype (pc version)

Gear: Samsung Series 7 Slate, Swype.

Swype is a virtual keyboard that allows you to type with a"press and drag" or "drawing" interface. It is included with your Samsung Series 7 Slate and can be set as your default keyboard.

  • Touch friendly
  • Drawing/press and drag works well
  • Small version for pen input
  • Support for several languages
    • US English
    • French
    • French Canadian
    • Italian
    • German
    • Korean
    • Spanish
  • Several customizations through Settings
  • Tutorial videos

  • Behavior when pressing/clicking files in explorer can be annoying.
  • Behavior in "Save As" and "Open" dialog windows gets in the way.
  • Does not work on all text input box gadgets.
  • Loses gadget's focus (you may have to use the "lock" button).

Overall I think it's a nice attempt. The behaviors in explorer and the fact that it doesn't work on every program affect what could be a very pleasant program. Maybe with an update these negatives can be removed and then we'll have a very good virtual keyboard.

Virtual keyboards work fine for typing a few words, but for longer typing sessions I will use a physical keyboard (wired or bluetooth) or voice recognition software.

Swype (no downloadable PC version)
Download for Samsung Series 7 Slate Tablet

Note: I'm a bit harsh on you Mr. Swype because I love you, and I want you to work harder to be the best virtual keyboard.


  1. Any chance that you can upload the executable for install on other pcs? I can't find ANY gesture-based onscreen PC keyboard for download anywhere.

  2. Attempting to run Swype found in the Samsung Series 7 Slate on other systems will not work. It has a system check that prevents it from running.

  3. Jesse how do you invoke swype? I can't find where on my -A04US version

  4. Hit the Win key and type "Swype". If you don't have it you may need to reinstall it.


  5. Thanks bud you rock

  6. Are there any command line options for swype? Everytime I reboot and launch swype it clears all my taptip settings which is pretty frustrating.

  7. Not that I know of. You could uninstall it if you really wanted to and maybe that fixes the TabTip settings.

  8. Hi Jesse, how do you activate the swype fonction ? I have the keyboard on the screen, finger and stylus works but when I draw a word, there is the blue line on the screen but no word in output.
    Any clue ?

    Btw, the slate is a fantastic toy and tool.


  9. Henri,

    Swype is not a great keyboard on PCs because of it's inconsistencies. You will probably have to the following:

    - Open Swype
    - Press the lock button
    - Click the target window
    - Use Swype to type the word
    - Click the Swype icon on the taskbar to hide it.

    This is just trouble and one of the reasons why I recommend not using Swype right now. Maybe with a future update those issues get fixed.

    Yes the tablet does a far better job than I expected. Make sure to check the "All Posts" to view some of the tips to make it even better.

  10. hi, swype link doest work

  11. The Swype link that I posted was for the Korean Series 7 Slates. Samsung removed/changed the links.

  12. can u upload the file somewhere for us to download please?

  13. I have a copy of the original installer. This version of Swype will only work with the Samsung Series 7 Slate. It will NOT work with other tablets.

    My email address is on the bottom of the blog. Contact me if you need the file. I'm willing to send the file because Samsung doesn't have Swype on their support website, and they should have it for Series 7 Slate owners.

    Personally I still prefer TabTip over Swype.

  14. I NO longer have the installer. Please stop emailing me with requests.

    Some people used the installer successfully, most failed, and a few were clever hackers to edit things to get somewhat functionality. It seems that Samsung stopped distributing Swype... their license might have finished. (2m)

  15. Hey, Jesse , I can't believe you didn't like Swype. I was finally able to install it after seeking it for months.
    (just did a search last week in Easy Software Manager, and there it was!)
    I use Chrome, not Explorer, so maybe that helps.
    Right now I've used the TM2 controller to temporarily disable Touch and I'm using an aftermarket pen to write this message while my palm rests on the screen.
    It's not perfect but thanks to Swype and the awesome Samsung case for the S7S, I'm ready finally make it my primary Tablet.
    You must like it too since it looks like you've got an S-load of Slate videos on YouTube. So I'll look forward to checking them out.