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And so I have transferred all of the posts from nano6g.com to this blog. This is the 3rd blog that I have transferred and I am tired. Good thing is... it is the weekend!

The Nano 6G blog covered a lot of information, tips, and a gazillion accessories. During the creation of the nano6g.com blog I went through thousands of web pages that mentioned the Nano, most of these sites were crap spam pages. Hopefully the collection of information that I have gathered satisfies all of your needs. It was a good run for such a small device. The lenovos103t.com blog was highly successful, the nano6g.com blog was another highly successful blog.

The 6G is not perfect, there is room for improvement. Lets hope Apple continues developing and improving the Nano.

Tips And Features

  • More Features
    • Connect To TV For Slideshows
    • Create the iWatch
    • Photo Slideshow Transitions
    • White On Black Theme
    • Shake To Shuffle
    • Remote + Mic Features
    • VoiceOver And VoiceOver Command List

  • Issues/Problems And Fixes
    • Reset Methods
    • 5 Rs: Reset, Retry, Restart, Reinstall, Restore
    • Minimum System Requirements
    • Stuck Buttons + Fix
    • Turn Off Nano (V 1.0) And Firmware V1.1
    • Can I Sync And Play Videos With My Nano 6G?

  • Apps/Icons
    • Rearrange Icons
    • V 1.2 Bigger Icons And Customization Options
    • Now Playing Icon
    • Playlist Icon
    • Music Sorting Icons
    • Radio Icon
    • Podcast Icon
    • Photos Icon
    • Audiobooks Icon - Sync Audible Books
    • iTunes U Icon
    • Settings Icon
    • Clock Icon V 1.0
    • V 1.2 Clock Icon (18 clock faces)
    • Voice Memo Icon
    • Genius Mixes
    • Fitness Icon V 1.0 
    • V 1.2 Fitness Icon

Info, Accessories, Other

  • Accessories
    • Wristbands
    • Skins
    • Cases
    • Armbands
    • Docking/Power/Speakers
    • Containers
    • Microphones
    • Other


Published: Mar 31, 2012

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