List of Digitizer Pens and Tablets

[ This is a Work in Progress page, it will continue to grow. I'll try to add a few systems every day. ]
[ Updated Dec 30, 2015 ]

Here's a list of digitizer pens and systems that may support them.  The top portion is concerned with pen names and the devices that are/may be compatible.  Definitions, and details about each technology is found at the bottom of this post.   Do note, there could be errors on this page--so you may have to do further research.  Due to finances I cannot test every system, but I would like to test the pens on some tablets that I have acquired in order to clear the mysteries.

Please note, the amazon links are one of the means of funding this type of research. The amazon links may or may not link to the appropriate system.  Lastly, as the number of systems increases the likelihood of errors also increase.  If you spot something that needs work then let me know.


In order to keep the page tidy I will organize the list as the following:



Acer Aspire Active Stylus- Acer Aspire Stylus NPSTY1A002, official, amazon.

- Acer Aspire R13 R7-371T, 13.3-inch screen, official, amazon.
- Acer Switch 11 (SW5-111 official, SW5-171 official), 11.6-inch screen, Windows 8.1, amazon.
- Acer Switch 12 SW5-271, 12.5 inch screen, Windows 8.1, official, amazon.

Apple Pencil 
- Apple Pencil (2015), official, support, amazon.

- Apple iPad Pro, official, support, amazon.

NOTE: iPads (pre 2015) generally do not support digitizers.  Most of the styluses out there are "capacitive" stylus--which is very different from what you see in the rest of this page.  However, Wacom and a few other companies have been creating pens that do support pressure sensitivity via a Bluetooth module. Some pens for the earlier iPads:
- Wacom Intuos Creative Stylus CS500PK0, review (2), amazon.
- Wacom Intuos Creative Stylus 2 CS600PK, official, amazon.
- Wacom Bamboo Fineline CS600CK, official, review, amazon.
- Wacom Bamboo Fineline 2 CS600C1K, official, amazon.

Asus Z Stylus
- Asus Z Stylus, official, amazon.

- Asus ZenPad S 8.0 (Z580CA), 8-inch screen, Android 5.0,  official, amazon.
- Asus ZenPad 10 (Z300C official, Z300CG official, Z300CL official), 10-inch screen, Android 5.0, amazon.

Dell Active Stylus-1
- Dell Active Stylus (Dell part number: 750-AAIZ,  Manufacturer part number: 6R7RP), official, amazon.

- Dell Venue 10 (5050), 10.1-inch screen, Android 5.0.2, official, amazon.
- Dell Venue 10 Pro (5055), 10.1-inch screen, Windows 8.1, review, official, amazon.

Dell Active Stylus-2
- Dell Active Stylus (Dell part number: 750-AAGN, Manufacturer part number: K5J52), official, amazon.

- Dell Venue 8 (7840), 8.4-inch screen, Android 5.0.2, official, amazon.

Dell Active Stylus-3
- Dell Active Stylus 750-AADH, amazon.

- Dell Venue 8 Pro 5000 Series (5830), 8-inch screen, Windows 8.1, official, amazon.
- Dell Venue 11 Pro 5000 Series (5130), 10.8-inch screen, Windows 8.1, official, amazon.
- Dell Venue 11 Pro 7000 Series (7130, 7139, 7140), 10.8-inch screen, official, amazon.
- Dell Latitude 13 7000 Series 2-in-1 (7350), 13.3-inch screen, Windows 10, official, amazon.

Dell Stylus Pen-4 (digitizer ??)
- Dell Stylus Pen (Part number: J151G, Manufacturer part number: 311-9086), official.

- ??

HP Active Stylus/Pen
- HP Active Stylus/Pen  J4R51AA, official, amazon.

- HP Spectre X360, 13.3-inch screen, Windows 10, official, amazon.

HP Executive Tablet Pen
- HP Executive Tablet Pen H4E45AA, whitepaper, amazon.

- HP EliteBook Revolve G1, 11.6-inch screen,Windows 8.1, official, amazon.
- HP ElitePad 900, 10.1-inch screen, Windows 8.1, review.

HP Executive Tablet Pen G2
- HP Executive Tablet Pen G2 (model number: F3G73AA, product number: F3G7UT), official, amazon.

- HP EliteBook Revolve 810 G2, 11.6-inch screen, Windows 8.1,  data sheet, review, amazon.
- HP Pro Tablet 610, 10.1-inch screen, Windows 8.1, amazon.

N-Trig DuoSense 1
- Asus Taichi Stylus, official, amazon.
- Dell Latitude XT Stylus 0XN166, replacement tips, manual PDF, amazon.
- HP Slate Digital Pen QQ677UT, amazon.
- HTC Flyer Scribe Digital Pen, official, amazon.
- Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet Pen 0A33887, amazon, amazon2.
- Motion Computing CL-Series Digitzer Pen, official, amazon.

- Acer Aspire R7-572, 15.6-inch screen, Windows 8, official, review, amazon.
- Asus Taichi 21, 11.6-inch screen, Windows 8, official, support, amazon.
- Asus Taichi 31, 13.3-inch screen, Windows 8, official, review, amazon.
- Dell Studio 17 (possibly only N-Trig touch screen), 17.3-inch screen, Windows 7, official, review, amazon.
- Dell XPS 15-L502X (possibly only N-Trig touch screen), Windows 7, official, review, support.
- Dell XPS 17-L702X (possibly only N-Trig touch screen), Windows 7, official, review, support, amazon.
- Dell Latitude ST, 10.1-inch screen, Windows 7, official, review, amazon.
- Dell Latitude XT, 12.1-inch screen, Windows Vista, official, data sheet, amazon.
- Dell Latitude XT2, 12.1-inch screen, Windows Vista, official, review, amazon.
- Dell Latitude XT3, 13.3-inch screen, Windows 7, official, amazon.
- Dell Precision M4600, 15.6-inch screen, Windows 7, data sheet, review, amazon.
- Dell Precision M6600, 17.3-inch screen, Windows 7, data sheet, review, pen manual, amazon.
- Fujitsu LifeBook T580, 10.1-inch screen, Windows 7,  official, info, data sheet, amazon. [tested]
- Fujitsu Stylistic Q550, 10.1-inch screen, Windows 7, official, support, review, amazon.
- Fujitsu Stylistic Q572, 11.6-inch screen, Windows 8, official, review, amazon.
- Fujitsu Stylistic Q702, 11.6-inch screen, Windows 8, official, review, amazon.
- HP Slate 2, 8.9-inch screen, Windows 7, press release, review, amazon.
- HP Slate 500, 8.9-inch screen, Windows 7, official, wiki, amazon.
- HP TouchSmart XT2, Windows Vista, service guide, review, amazon.
- HTC EVO View 4G,  7-inch screen, Android 3.2.1, official, amazon.
- HTC Flyer, 7-inch screen, Android 3.2.1,  info, info2, support, amazon. [tested]
- Lenovo ThinkPad 1838/1839, 10.1-inch screen, Android 3.1, wiki, review, amazon.  This tablet has been marked to work with Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet Pen 0A33887.
- Lenovo ThinkPad T400s (may only have the N-Trig touch screen), 14-inch screen, Windows Vista, review, drivers/support.
- Lenovo ThinkPad T410s/T410si, 14-inch screen, Windows Vista, data sheet, support, amazon.
- Motion Computing CL900, 10.1-inch screen, Windows 7, user guide, data sheet, amazon.
- Motion Computing CL910, 10.1-inch screen, Windows 7, user guide, data sheet.
- Motion Computing CL920, 10.1-inch screen, Windows 7/8.1, official, data sheet.
- Motion Computing LE1700, 12.1-inch screen, Windows XP/Vista/7, official, video, support, amazon.
- Toshiba Satellite U505 (may only have the N-Trig touch screen), 13.3-inch screen, Windows 7, data sheet, review, amazon.

N-Trig DuoSense 2 / Microsoft Surface Pen
- MS Surface Pen, official. The Surface Pro 3 Pen and Pro 4 Pen are the same as this one.  Note that the "Surface Pro Pen" is a Wacom Penabled pen and is not the same as the "Surface Pen".
- MS Surface Pro 3 Pen (3UY-00001[gray], 3UY-00012 [black], 3UY-00030 [blue], 3UY-00021 [red]), official, support, amazon.
- MS Surface Pro 4 Pen (almost the same as Pro 3 Pen, but has some battery saving features) (3XY-000-1 [silver], 3XY-00021 [blue], 3XY-00011 [charcoal) , official, support and info, amazon.
- Sony Digitizer Stylus VGP-STD2 (also known as Sony VAIO Active Pen), official, amazon.
- Sony VAIO Duo 11 Pen (an image).

- Intel Classmate PC Education Tablet (May have versions with N-Trig pen or capacitive /resistive stylus--be cautious), 10-inch screen, Windows 7, official, video, info PDF.
- Intel Education Tablet (May have versions with N-Trig pen or capacitive/resistive stylus--be cautious), 10-inch screen, Android ??, official.  Note that 2015 version of this tablet uses a "passive stylus" and therefore is NOT N-Trig DuoSense 2 based.
- Microsoft Surface 3, 10.8-inch screen, Windows 8.1/10, amazon.
- Microsoft Surface Pro 3, 12-inch screen, Windows 8.1,  official, info, wiki, amazon. [tested]
- Microsoft Surface Pro 4, 12.3-inch screen, Windows 10, official, amazon.
- Microsoft Surface Book (2015), 13.5-inch screen, Windows 10, official, amazon.  Nvidia GeForce Graphics available.
- Sharp OM1 (N-Trig PR mentioned this tablet), Windows 7,
- Sony VAIO Duo 11, 11.6-inch screen, Windows 8, official, review, amazon.
- Sony VAIO Duo 13, 13.3-inch screen, Windows 8, official, review, amazon.
- Sony VAIO Flip/Fit 11A, 11.6-inch screen, Windows 8, official, review.
- Sony VAIO Flip/Fit 13A,  13.3-inch screen, Windows 8, official, review, amazon.
- Sony VAIO Flip/Fit 14A, 14-inch screen, Windows 8, official, official support, review, review2, amazon.
- Sony VAIO Flip/Fit 15A, 15.5-inch screen, Windows 8.1, official, review, amazon.
- Sony VAIO Tap 11, 11.6-inch screen, Windows 8, official, review, amazon.

Toshiba TruPen (a Wacom AES pen--but may not be fully compatible with other AES systems)
- Toshiba TruPen PA-1585U-1EUC, official (2), replacement tips,

- Toshiba Encore 2 Tablet (WT10), 10.1-inch screen, Windows 8.1, official, amazon. [tested]
- Toshiba Encore 2 Tablet (WT8), 8.0-inch screen, Windows 8.1, official, amazon.

Wacom Active Electro Static (AES)
- Lenovo ThinkPad Active Capacitive Pen (PN: 4X80H34887 , SD60G97200), this pen is also known as the "ThinkPad Pen Pro", official, info, amazon.

- Lenovo ThinkPad 11e (20E5, 20E6, 20E7, 20E8), official, amazon. Note that the processor and OS required are 2nd Gen Intel and Windows.  There are other versions and you must be careful if you want the AES version.
- Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 12 (2nd gen [20C0, 20CD]--note that there is a Penabled version.  Lenovo states that the Yoga 12 model that works with the AES pen are "non-digitizer models with an HD panel"), official, 1st or 2nd gen, info, amazon.  
- Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 14 (20DM008UUS), 14-inch screen, Windows 8.1/10, official, amazon.  Careful with the model number, the one I indicate has been mentioned as an AES capable version.
- Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga P40, 14-inch screen, Windows 10, announcement. Perhaps one of the most exciting convertible tablets I have seen, it has a Nvidia Quadro M5000 GPU, a 2560 x 1440 resolution, 2048 levels of pressure, and rechargeable pen.

Wacom Penabled
- Asus Eee Note 800 Digitizer, info.
- Asus Eee Slate Stylus Pen, official.
- Fujitsu LifeBook Digitizer FPCPN28AP (Model T5000 or T5010), example, review, amazon.
- Lenovo ThinkPad Helix Digitizer Pen 0A33910, official (2), amazon.
- Lenovo ThinkPad Digitizer Pen 45N2630 and 45N2631 (Lenovo Part number: 41U3143), official, amazon.
- Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2 Pen 0A3389, official, amazon.
- Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet Pen 4X80F22107, official (2), info, amazon.
- Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga Digitizer 4X80F22110, official (2), amazon.
- Microsoft Pro Pen, official, amazon.
- Motion Computing Digitizer Pen (for F, J, L-Series) tablets, store (2), amazon.
- Motion Computing Rugged Digitizer Pen, official, amazon.
- Wacom Bamboo Smart, official, amazon.
- Wacom Bamboo Stylus Feel Carbon CS400UK, official (2,3), neat list of compatibility, forums, amazon.
- Wacom Bamboo Stylus Feel for Galaxy Note, amazon (black), amazon (white).

- Asus Eee Note EA-800, 8-inch screen, Linux, official, info. [tested]
- Asus Eee Slate B121, 12.1-inch screen, Windows 7, official, review, amazon.
- Asus Eee Slate EP121, 12.1-inch screen, Windows 7, official, review, amazon.
- Asus VivoTab 11.6 (NOT the RT and NOT the Smart versions), 11.6-inch screen, Windows 8, official, amazon.
- Asus VivoTab Note 8 (M80TA), 8-inch screen, Windows 8, official, support, press, amazon.
- Dell Latitude 10 Tablet (NOT the Essentials version), 10.1-inch screen, Windows 8, official, drivers, review,
- Fujitsu LifeBook T725, 12.5-inch screen, Windows 7/8.1, official, amazon.
- Fujitsu LifeBook T730, 12.1-inch screen, Windows XP/Vista/7, data sheet (2), review, amazon.
- Fujitsu LifeBook T731, 12.1-inch screen, Windows XP/7, official, data sheet, support, review, amazon.
- Fujitsu LifeBook T732, 12.5-inch screen, Windows 7/8, data sheet, support, amazon.
- Fujitsu LifeBook T734, 12.5-inch screen, Windows 7/8.1, official, data sheet, amazon.
- Fujitsu LifeBook T900, 13.3-inch screen, Windows 7, data sheet (2), support, review, amazon.
- Fujitsu LifeBook T901, 13.3-inch screen, Windows 7, data sheet (2), support, review, amazon.
- Fujitsu LifeBook T902, 13.3-inch screen, Windows 7/8 data sheet, support, review, amazon.
- Fujitsu LifeBook T904, 13.3-inch screen, Windows 7/8.1, official, data sheet, support, review, amazon.
- Fujitsu LifeBook T935, 13.3-inch screen, Windows 7/8.1, official, drivers, amazon.
- Fujitsu LifeBook T2020, 12.1-inch screen, Windows Vista, support, data sheet, review (2), amazon.
- Fujitsu LifeBook T4410, 12.1-inch screen, Windows 7, data sheet, support, review (2).
- Fujitsu LifeBook T4220, 12.1-inch screen, Windows Vista, support, review (2, 3), amazon.
- Fujitsu LifeBook T5000, 12.1-inch screen, Windows XPVista, video.  You are more likely to run into the digitizer than you are the tablet.
- Fujitsu LifeBook T5010/T5010A/T5010W, 13.3-inch screen, Windows XP/Vista, official, data sheet, amazon.
- Fujitsu LifeBook TH700, 12.1-inch screen, Windows XP/Vista/7, data sheet, drivers, amazon.
- Fujitsu Stylistic Q665 (XBUY-Q665-W7D-001), 11.6-inch screen, Windows 7/8.1, official, data sheet.
- Fujitsu Stylistic Q775, 13.3-inch screen, Windows 8.1, official (2), data sheet, amazon. On dual digitizer versions only.
- HP Elite x2 1011 G1, 11.6-inch screen, Windows 7/8.1/10 official, data sheet, review, amazon.
- HP Pro x2 612 G1, official (2), data sheet, review, amazon.
- HP TouchSmart TM2, 12.1-inch screen, Windows 7, drivers, manual, review (2), amazon.
- Lenovo ThinkPad Helix 1st Gen (Models: 3697, 3698, 3701, 3702), 11.6-inch screen, Windows 8, official, data sheet, amazon. Lenovo has specified the Lenovo ThinkPad Helix Digitizer Pen 0A33910 as the compatible digitizer.
- Lenovo ThinkPad Helix 2nd Gen (Models: 20CG, 20CH), 11.6-inch screen, Windows 8.1/10 official (2), support, review, news, amazon 20CG, amazon 20CH.  Lenovo has specified the Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet Pen 4X80F22107 pen to be the compatible digitizer.
- Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2 (3679, 3682), 10.1-inch screen, Windows 8, official, amazon. This tablet has been marked to be compatible with the Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2 Pen 0A33899.  They also noted that versions that come with the digitizer in the box are self-evidently compatible with a digitizer, but if the tablet comes with no digitizer then the device is not compatible with a digitizer.
- Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 10 (20C1, 20C3), 10.1-inch screen, Windows 8.1, official, amazon. This has been marked to be compatible with Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet Pen 4X80F22107.
- Lenovo ThinkPad X60T (6363, 6364, 6365, 6366), specs, manual, review, amazon.
- Lenovo ThinkPad X61T (7762, 7763, 7764, 7767, 7768, 7769), 12.1-inch screen, Windows XP/Vista, official (2), amazon.
- Lenovo ThinkPad X200T (2263, 2266, 4184, 7448, 7449, 7450, 7453), 12.1-inch screen, Windows XP/Vista, official, data sheet, amazon.
- Lenovo ThinkPad X201T (0831, 2985, 0053, 3093, 3113, 3144, 3239), 12.1-inch screen, Windows XP/7, official, info, data sheet, amazon [tested]
- Lenovo ThinkPad X220T (4294, 4296, 4297, 4298, 4299, 4300, 4301), 12.5-inch screen, Windows 7, official, info, amazon [tested]
- Lenovo ThinkPad X230T (3434, 3435, 3436, 3437, 3438, 3441, 3442), 12.5-inch screen, Windows 7, official (2), info, amazon [tested]
- Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 12 (1st gen [20C0, 20CD] may also just go by "ThinkPad Yoga", 2nd gen [20DK, 20DL] is usually referred as "ThinkPad Yoga 12".  Note that the 2nd gen may have a Wacom AES version.), official, info, 1st gen or 2nd gen?, amazon [tested]
- Lenovo ThinkVision LT1423p, 13.3-inch, interactive-display-tablet, official, review, news, amazon.
- Microsoft Surface Pro, 10.6-inch screen, Windows 8.1, official, amazon.  Note that the RT version does not support digitizer.
- Microsoft Surface Pro 2, 10.6-inchs creen, Windows 8, official (2), wiki, amazon.
- Motion Computing J3400, 12.1-inch screen, Windows XP/Vista/7, J-series official, data sheet, notes, review, video,
- Motion Computing J3500, 12.1-inch screen, Windows 7,  J-series official, data sheet, review.
- Motion Computing J3600, 12.1-inch screen, Windows 7/8, J-series official, wacom touch driver, data sheet.
- Samsung Series 7 Slate, 11.6-inch screen, Windows 7, official, info, amazon [tested]
- Wacom Bamboo Pad CTH300K  (USB, Wireless), interactive-tablet (no screen), official (2,3), review, amazon.
- Wacom DTU-1031, official, info [tested]

Wacom Pro Pen
Pen list:
- Wacom Art Pen KP701E2, official, amazon.
- Wacom Classic Pen KP300E2, official, amazon.
- Wacom Grip Pen KP501E2, official, amazon.
- Wacom Pro Pen KP503E, official, amazon.

- Modbook  Pro X, 15.4-inch screen, Mac OS X, official, amazon.
- Wacom Cintiq Companion, 13.3-inch screen, Windows 8, support, review, amazon.
- Wacom Cintiq Companion Hybrid, 13.2-inch screen, Android, official, review, amazon.
- Wacom Cintiq Companion 2, 13.3-inch screen, Windows 8, official, amazon.
- Wacom Intuos Pro (small PTH451 official, medium PTH651 official, large PTH851 official, special edition PTH651 official), info, amazon. [tested]

- Yiynova DP10HD, 10.1-inch screen, official, info [tested]
- Boogie Board Sync 9.7 ST1020001, official, info, amazon [tested]


Digitizer or Active Stylus: An electronic pen-like input device that usually offers pressure sensitivity, hover state, palm reject/cancellation and may support function buttons(usually having righ-click and erase options, but they can be modified).  Digitizers may or may not utilize batteries.  Generally digitizers have a tip that is about 1mm in diameter, but there are some in which this is not the case.  Most systems that support digitizers have palm rejection technology (it turns off finger touch as soon as the digitizer is in proximity).  The two most well-known companies in the digitizer business are Wacom and N-Trig (bought by Microsoft in 2015).

Stylus or Passive Stylus: A pen-like input device that is not electronic. Systems that support stylus are either resistive or capacitive. Resistive systems support a single point of pressure that is usually small (think of Nintendo DS, 3DS); they don't generally support capacitive stylus correctly.  Capacitive systems support finger touch input, and there are capacitive styluses that emulate those finger touches (usually the tips are greater than 2 mm in diameter and are "gummy" or "bouncy"); they don't generally support resistive stylus.  Generally resisitve systems are more precise than capacitive ones.  Stylus don't generally have hover states and other features supported by digitizers.

Digitizer/Stylus Hybrid: A pen that has elements of digitizer and stylus.  Generally these pens are stylus at the tip (meaning either resistive or capacitive) but they have digitizer features thanks to other interfaces (like BlueTooth).  Examples of these include: Ten One Design Pogo Connect and Evernote Jot Script.

Dual Digitizer: Technically, any system in which an analog signal is turned into a digital signal is considered a "digitizer". When the term "dual digitizer" is used it relates to the idea of a system that has finger touch and pen digitizer input.

Passive Stylus is often referred to a 

Note that there are systems that support the digitizer pens but do NOT support finger-touch (several Lenovo systems come to mind on this).


Apple Pencil: The pen was unveiled in 2015 and is intended to be used with the Apple iPad Pro.  From experience I can say that Apple has done a very good job.  The pen is quite simple, it is a smooth cylindrical shape, NO side buttons, NO eraser at the back, has replaceable tips, uses an internal rechargeable battery, and uses the iPad Lightning connector to charge the pen. Apple claims 12 hours of battery life.  Many pen technologies allow pen and touch, one at a time.  The Apple Pencil allows simultaneous touch and pen--in some apps you can use multiple finger gestures to enable features and then use the pen to draw--this is very good stuff and may help the pen to never need side buttons. I didn't notice a "hover" state when I used the pen.  Regarding lag I only noticed it when I had very fast strokes, for most uses you won't notice much of a lag.  The pen also has tilt detection, and pressure sensitivity.  Lastly, the "feel" when drawing on an iPad feels quite rigid, which I did not enjoy.  The distance for detection (from tip to screen) is quite short (most pen technologies are) and this can lead people to have accidental "palm clicks". Overall though, this pen and the apps are very elegant and will leave many people satisfied.

Unlike many pen technologies that support both touch and pen the Apple pen allows simultaneous touch and pen.

Asus Z Stylus: Asus digitizer that uses AAAA battery, claiming up to 150 hrs.  The pen has 1024 levels of pressure, has 1.2 mm replaceable tip, two side buttons, a status light, and clip.  The pen technology may not be proprietary (so it could be N-Trig, Wacom, Atmel, etc. I will find out)

Microsoft Surface Pen
This is a pen introduced in 2015, along with MS's Surface Book.  Microsoft bought N-Trig around April/May 2015, and this pen does have technology derived from N-Trig DuoSense technology.  A difference is increase pressure sensitivity to 1024 levels (that is 768 more than N-Trig DuoSense 2).

 N-Trig DuoSense 1 (black pen) and N-Trig DuoSense 2 (silver pen).

N-Trig DuoSense 1:  This 256 levels of pressure pen usually is identified by an aluminum cylinder shape, a replaceable tip, with one or two ellipse-like close-to-surface buttons on the side, no eraser on the back side, sometimes the back has a pen tether spot, and it uses a AAAA battery.  The tip of the digitizer is characterized by spaced rings of material, and may come in 5.5mm or 9.5mm diameters.  The pen has been used with Windows 7 and Android operating systems.  Systems that support this digitizer support several "DuoSense modes", which allow the user to turn on/off touch and digitizer options.  The pen is suited for slow and long strokes and NOT short quick strokes (think of doing math)--the result of short strokes are very blocky and straight.  The supported systems usually had a very glass-like surface to work with too.  The pen is quite precise and does not seem to suffer from erratic edge issues found in Wacom Penabled technology, however bevel of systems can get in the way of accessing GUI buttons close to the edges of the screen.  There is noticeable pointer-delay if the strokes performed are fast (most noticeable when doing the hover state).  Note that DuoSense 1 pens do not work on DuoSense 2 systems. 

N-Trig DuoSense 2: This version is similar to N-Trig DuoSense 1, but it is better.  Some differences include a tip that is closer to Wacom's classic tip, and often not advertised as being replaceable.  The pen retains the 256 levels of pressure, and systems tend to better distinguish pressure given by users.  The feel achieved when touching surfaces is still very glass-like, but is generally softer than DuoSense 1 systems.  The pen is better than DuoSense 1 at doing short fast strokes, but the inking of these small strokes is still very blocky in comparison with other technologies.  The pen also suffers from pointer-delay when in hover state.  The DuoSense 2 pens usually have two buttons, whereas DuoSense 1 pens often only featured a single side button.  The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 pen is a N-Trig DuoSense 2 digitizer, but it has an additional button on the back side (this pen uses a Bluetooth module that allows the back button to perform additional actions in Windows)--this button is not often seen in other DuoSense 2 pens.  Some models of the pen have a pen clip.

Wacom Active Electro Static (Active ES, or AES): This is Wacom's newest technology.  This digitizer does use a AAAA battery.  From my experience it seems that Wacom AES pens are not necessarily compatible with all AES systems (Lenovo's Active Pen is not fully compatible with a Toshiba Encore 2 tablet)  The AES pen is quite good, it delivers the feel of a Penabled but increases the precision.

An Active AES pen.

Batteries in the Active AES pen.

Wacom Penabled: This is Wacom's most widely available technology, often seen in Windows convertible tablets (Tablet PCs). The pen is characterized by being cylindrical with a soft or plastic surface, may have replaceable tips, may have up to two side buttons (Some pens have no buttons.  Generally the buttons are somewhat rectangular and often do protrude--therefore easier to identify and press), may have a pressure sensitive eraser, and it does NOT have a battery.  Systems that support Wacom Penabled may have support for 256, 512, or 1024 levels of pressure (depends on the load sensor of the pen).  In many systems the pen seems precise within a certain inner area of the screen, however when the pen has  edge issues (the pointer shoots out away from the pen tip).  The angle at which a user holds the digitizer is of great importance--often holding the pen vertically gives the best precision but is unnatural to hold.  The pen has a better hover state than N-Trig DuoSense 2.  The pen is well suited for short and quick inking strokes as well as long and slow inking strokes--making it a very good choice for a variety of uses.  It is important to calibrate this pen to improve precision. Some Penabled systems deliver a very glass-like experience (X230T for example) while other systems deliver a very bouncy/gummy feel (Samsung Series 7 Slate for example), and others are in between (Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 12 for example).  Samsung S Pens are Wacom Penabled pens.

 A Wacom Penabled pen.

Wacom ProPen: This line of pens are often known by their 2048 levels of pressure, are aimed at professionals, and the technology is present mostly in Wacom exclusive tablets.

 A Wacom ProPen


[keep these pens in mind, but they may not be Pro Pen technology--also note that I am working on figuring compatibilities to make this list better]  
- Wacom Bamboo Capture Pen LP170K, official, amazon.
- Wacom Bamboo Pad Pen Black UP722101, official, amazon.
- Wacom Bamboo Pad Pen Blue UP722102, official, amazon.
- Wacom Bamboo Pad Pen Purple UP722104, official, amazon.
- Wacom Bamboo Spark Pen UP3703, official, amazon.
- Wacom Craft Pen LP161E, official, pen
- Wacom Airbrush Pen KP400E2 (also in silver ZP400E), official (2), amazon (2).
- Wacom DTF Pen FP320, official, amazon.
- Wacom Inking Pen KP1302, official, amazon.
- Wacom Intuos3 Classic Pen ZP300ESE, official, amazon.
- Wacom Intuos3 Ink Pen ZP130, official, amazon.
- Wacom Intuos3 Grip Pen ZP501E, official, amazon.
- Wacom Intuos3 SE Grip Pen ZP501ESE, official, amazon.
- Wacom LP190K, official, amazon. [Touch tablets: CTL490, CTH490, CTH690].
- Wacom Pen Bamboo Pen & Touch LP160E, official, amazon.
- Wacom Pen for Bamboo Connect/Splash LP170G, official, amazon.
- Wacom Pen for Bamboo Create LP170ES, official, amazon.
- Wacom Pen for Intuos Pen & Touch LP180ES, official, amazon.
- Wacom Stylus for Intuos Pen LP180S, official, amazon. 

 [candidates-- to be checked and likely to be in Wacom Penabled]
- HP EliteBook 2740p
- ErenEben T6
- Motion Computing C5
- Motion Computing C5v
- Motion Computing F5m
- Motion Computing F5t
- Motion Computing F5v
- Motion Computing LE1600
- Motion Computing LE1700
- Motion Computing LS800
- Motion Computing R12
- Panasonic Toughbook CF-C2
- Panasonic Toughbook CF-H2 Field
- Panasonic Toughpad FZ-A1
- Samsung Galaxy Note I (1)
- Samsung Galaxy Note II (2)
- Samsung Galaxy Note III (3)
- Samsung Galaxy Note IV (4)
- Samsung Galaxy Note 8
- Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1,
- Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014 Edition)
- Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2
- Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0
- Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9.7
- Samsung ATIV Smart PC
- Toshiba WT310
- Toshiba REGZA Tablet AT703
- Toshiba Excite Write AT10PE-A-105

HP Elite x2 1012, 12-inch screen, Windows 10, official (2), news (2).  Pen looks like an N-Trig 2, some claimed that it was Wacom (but then this would be an AES pen), however HP has used Synaptics digitizer technology before.

Wacom Pro Pen, Wacom AES, Wacom Penabled, N-Trig  DuoSense 2, N-Trig DuoSense 1.

Published: Nov 28, 2015


  1. Thank you so much for this list, really and truly. It will help me figure out a anew pen to use for my Motion Computing J3400 that feels more natural than the one that came with it.

    1. Working on it. Btw, from what I can see the Motion Computing J3400 is a Wacom Penabled system.

  2. Good list!

    Penabled was such a smooth, reliable system. -No battery needed and fluid line control. It would be nice to see it used in more modern machines. Requiring a battery for these fancy new AES pens, (which can't *quite* draw as nice a line), is obviously a step backwards.

    But there are benefits; you don't have a big EM emitter in your face with AES.

    I'm looking forward to 2016, when (hopefully) the new Universal Stylus Initiative (USI) standard will be implemented in a few new devices. Hopefully we'll finally see some 15" screens accept pen input!

    1. I guess we'll see what USI does. Hopefully they come up with something good.

  3. Hi! Thanks for this, it helps a lot! Still there's something I haven't fully understood: see I have a chinese tablet (Onda) with W10 installed, and I still don´t know if the MS surface pen (the newest one for example) works for any windows tablets like mine, not just the surface pro....As far as I´ve understood, the software of this pen is based on a bluetooth conection, that allows it to perform different actions, such as the bottom click to open One Note etc... so, if there's a windows tablet that comes with should work right? I don't know....sorry for all the text, this is the best article I've found on this topic, I hope you can help me out. Keep up the great work! :)

    1. The MS Surface Pen can be divided into two parts. One part is in charge of "inking" while the other part does Bluetooth actions. The Bluetooth part (more commonly thought of as the "eraser" portion) is traditionally used to launch MS OneNote or to take a screenshot. You should be able to pair this Bluetooth module to any device that is Bluetooth compatible--including other tablets. But, if you want to draw and write notes then you have to focus on the rest of the pen, which is based on N-Trig DuoSense 2 technology, and is NOT compatible with most tablets. The Bluetooth part, as far as I know, plays no role on inking.

    2. Ok that makes things more clear, thanks a lot! I'll come back here with more info if I can, once I get a working good stylus for my tablet.

  4. thanks so much for the review, this is very helpful

  5. I've been searching for a laptop that can use a digitizer pen, and it looks like the Special Editions of the 13 inch Dell Insprion 7000's have support for some Wacom pen.

    After double checking with a Dell support rep, they told me the laptop uses a wacom digitizer, and recommended I purchase the following pen.

    I picked up the laptop at BestBuy the other day, and the pen should be in some time next week. Ill let you know what I learn once I get it.

  6. Dell Active Stylusus...stylusses? Styli? are not all in the same class. "1" is for the Venue 10 Pro only and is Wacom tech I believe. "2" and "3" (which are backwards, order/quality wise) are Synaptics tech and "3" is the same pen as the Acer one. Also works with HP Spectre X360 I believe. "4"...I dunno what 4 is. Tried to get more info from Dell today. All I know is when I asked if it would work with my Venue 11 pro 7140, they pointed me to the "3" 750-AAGN.

  7. After receiving the pen and attempting to use it. Yes, Current edition models of the Insprion 13 SE can't use an active pen. Some models prior to July 2015 may or may not be supported.

    Be careful talking with Dell, their sales people don't always have accurate or up to date information on their products, but technical support seems to know what's up.

    Time to return this laptop and hunt for a new machine...

  8. I'm a little confused,
    Could I use my "normal non Write" Encore 2 Wt10 with Bamboo Smart for select Windows 2-in-1?
    It works?

    1. The Bamboo Smart pen for Windows 2-in-1 is a Wacom Penabled pen. I'm unsure about the "non Write". Try this: press Windows key + f, type "Wacom". If you see a "Wacom Pen" as a result then you may be able to use a pen--likely to be the Active AES type. The Encore 2 Write that I have has a "Wacom Pen" showing.

  9. Hey ! I'll be starting my college in about 2-3 months. I am looking for a light portable tablet with pen support(the best pen till date) which will replace the traditional paper pen note taking. I'll be taking heavy notes (probably). Perfect devices will be Surface pro 4, Lenovo thinkpad x1 tablet(yet to launch, at least in my country). But these are a little out of my budget.I was considering ASUS Chi T100 with Chis stylus as a cheaper alternate.(Budget 750 USD) Please can you suggest a device for me ? Help will be much appreciated!
    Thanking you in anticipation. :)

  10. I ask if Asus Zen AiO Pro Z240IC is wacom pen Compatible?

  11. I have a Dell Inspiron 13-7348 older model that has a digitizer, and dell refuses to acknowledge it and will not recommend an Active Pen/Nor will they tell me what digitizer was used in these models! I tried Dell Model 750-aaiz which appears to be Wacom, and could not get it to work. That being said. They just discontinued the 750-aagn, so before ordering it from Amazon to try, I spoke to 18 different people at Dell between sales and tech support and they are all completely clueless! Would you know for sure if they used Synaptics digitizers in the older models of the Inspiron 13-7348s?

    1. According to NotebookCheck there are two versions of this system. One has a passive stylus and the other has the active digitizer.

      On most pictures you see the passive one. The passive one is identified by the ugly rubbery tip, as seen on

      The support site has a calibration file, which can help identify the technology used, however some of the files inside of the package are password protected.

      You could look for some info on Windows device manager, by hitting Windows key and typing "Device Manager". You'll have to look around for the info yourself.

      According to SaneBRZ at Reddit you can purchase a Dell Active Stylus for the 13-7348, which uses Synaptics technology.

      You can view several "Dell Active Stylus" on the post. And that's as far as I'm going to investigate this. Hope that helps.


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