Sep 1, 2010

iPod Nano 6G for Running and Working Out

 This could be a wrist watch!

I like to work out quite a bit and my Palm Pre is pretty horrible.  The Pre is bulky, the touch is slow for music, and it crashes all the time.  The new Nano looks really darn freaking awesome and since I like to organize my music and audio books this can be really darn good.  For my runs the Nano 6G can be perfect.  The Nano 6G can be good for any workout really. :-)

Awesome little clip so it's not annoying like those armbands.

Me up at the Y

Little video

I usually don't like Apple, but I really like the look of this iPod. The scrolling through my media is what really is important to me and the Nano's got it.

iPod Nano 6G 8GB price is $149 so that's quite a bit, prices will drop over time. The 16GB goes for $179.99 so that's $30 more for 8GB.
The new iPod Shuffle is going for $50 so it's more economical.

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