Mar 31, 2012

iPod Nano 6G - Enable Disk Use + Hidden Files

Use Nano 6G As Flash/Thumb Drive

When you connect your Nano 6G to your PC and iTunes is installed your Nano 6G will sync. The PC will NOT treat your Nano 6G as a flash/thumb drive. The video to the right shows what happens when you do NOT have iTunes installed. However, if you have iTunes installed and want to use your Nano 6G as a flash/thumb drive you can do it.

How to enable disk use:
  • Connect Nano 6G to your PC.
  • Wait for iTunes to launch and detect your Nano 6G.
  • Click on your Nano's name (under Devices on the left side of iTunes).
  • Check the box that says "Enable disk use", then click OK.

From now on you can view your Nano at "My Computer". When you activate this your Nano 6G will work identically like a USB flash/thumb drive, you will be able to create folders and files. You can also view your recorded Voice Memos. If you connect your Nano 6G to other computers that do not have iTunes you can view the copied folders and files.

Any media that you add by copying and pasting to your Nano 6G through Explorer will NOT show up in your Nano's Photos and Music apps, you would have to use iTunes or iMacsoft iPod to PC Transfer to do that.

Hidden Files

The video above was recorded earlier. It shows what happens when you do not have iTunes on your system. By default Windows will think of your Nano 6G as a thumb/flash drive. A nice extra is that you can view some hidden folders and files, which could enable some hacking possibilities.

To view hidden folders and files:
  • Open Explorer (My computer is fine).
  • Press the "Alt" key on your keyboard.
  • Go to Tools > Folder Options
  • Click on View tab, and enable "Show hidden files, folders, and drives".
  • Then click on Apply and OK buttons.

With the right media player (like VLC) you can play many of the files inside of your Nano 6G.


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