Mar 31, 2012

iPod Nano 6G - More Features

Connect To TV For Slideshows Create The iWatch

You can connect your Nano 6G to your TV and play slideshows and music. To accomplish this you need a "iPod to TV cable" (on the video I showed a "30 pin to TV RCA cable"). According to the Official User Guide the photos are displayed at 620x480 resolution.

To create the "iWatch" go to Settings > General > Date & Time > Time On Wake. Once activated the Nano will always display the Clock every time. There are 18 clock faces in V 1.2. Enjoy!

Photo Slideshow Transitions White On Black Theme

With the Nano 6G you can play slideshows, and these slideshows have transitions. There available transitions are: Dissolve, Ken Burns (default), Page Flip, Push, and Origami. To further customize your slideshows you can also adjust the Timer Per Slide, Repeat, Shuffle Photos, and TV Signal.

The GUI (graphical user interface) can be changed to a "White on Black" theme. To change your theme go to Settings > General > Accessibility > White On Black. Once activated you will see this theme in action. Even your Photos will have the theme. Enjoy!

Shake To Shuffle Remote + Mic Features

Shake To Shuffle is a feature that allows you to play a new track by shaking the Nano 6G. By default this feature is active. To turn it on/off go to Settings > Music > Shake to Shuffle. Usually it takes quite a bit of effort to "shake to shuffle", it will not be an accident that your Nano went to the next track.

If you connect earphones with remote + mic you can do a few extra things. On the Voice Memos app/icon you can use the remote to begin and stop your recording, and the mic would capture your voice. Other features of the remote include: play/pause songs, press and hold play/pause for song title and artist, double tap for next track. Some earphones like the Bose MIE2i include previous and next track buttons.

VoiceOver VoiceOver Command List

Voice Over is a feature intended for the visually impaired. I personally think it makes for hilarious pranks on friends. ;)

Apple's VoiceOver Description:
iPod nano includes VoiceOver, the gesture-based screen reader that lets visually impaired users browse and select songs without viewing the screen. Instead, you’ll hear a synthesized voice speaking the names of menus, songs, and artists. Touch the screen to hear a description of the item under your finger, then double-tap, drag, or flick to control iPod nano. Use the optional Apple Earphones with Remote and Mic to control your music without looking at the screen. VoiceOver tells you the name of the song or artist — and it speaks 29 languages.

It sounds like a good idea, but based on my short experience this is a bit of a nightmare to remember all of the commands. If I was blind I would probably use something that uses more buttons. I am not an "expert" and those are just my opinions.
Read the page start at the top
- Flick up with two fingers

Read the page from the current selection
- Flick down with two fingers

Pause or continue speech when reading dialogs and other text
- Tap the screen with one finger

Select the item in the VoiceOver cursor
- Tap the screen with one finger

Activate the item in the VoiceOver cursor
- Double-Tap with one finger

Scroll left one page
- Swipe right with two fingers

Scroll right one page
- Swipe left with two fingers

Scroll up one page in a list or menu
- Flick down with one finger

Scroll down one page in a liswt or menu
- Flick up with one finger

Start or stop the current action
- Tap with two fingers

Increase or decrease the value of a selected control
- Flick up with one finger to increase the value, or flick down with one finger to decrease value

Return to Home screen
- Double-tap with one finger and hold
To access VoiceOver on your Nano 6G go to Settings > General > Accessibility > VoiceOver. You can also adjust Speaker Hints, Speaking Rate, and Language.



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