Oct 26, 2011

FiiO S1 Ultraportable Speaker Images

Gear: FiiO S1

FiiO is known for small sized amplifiers. I was a bit surprised when I saw the FiiO S1. Since I couldn't find images that could give "perspective" on how small this speaker is I decided to get one and take some pictures.

  • The images on the Amazon page make it look smaller.
  • It does use extra power to amplify the audio (that's why there's a battery inside).
  • USB cable is used to charge the battery and provide audio (it's a usb to usb/3.5mm stereo).
  • It has an on/off switch.
  • LED indicator light will give you different states of the battery (charging, on, and need to charge)
  • According to FiiO the battery can last up to 6 hours (which is close to what I got).
  • Don't expect bass out of the S1, but audio quality is better than most laptop speakers
  • Current price: $11

The FiiO S1 does fit in the case for the Bose MIE2i along with the iPod Nano 6G. So it's a portable audio system I can take anywhere.

This speaker is not going to beat bigger sized speakers, but the slim profile makes it easy to carry and it does achieve fairly loud audio. Overall I'm satisfied with the results.

FiiO S1 Ultraportable Speaker


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