iPod Nano 6G - Graphite 16GB Images

I used to have an iPod Nano 6G 8GB Graphite which I then sold to help pay for the laptop that I'm currently using. I thought that my Palm Pre would work fine enough except it kept having many issues including: not connecting to my pc, no Audible support, and eventually it died. In a way selling the Nano was a mistake because it removed a good amount of my workout motivation.

After a few weeks of not working out I figured that I needed some motivation. So I looked around and found several neat media players from Sony, Cowon, and Samsung. All of them had pros/cons, but none of them did have everything I needed.

The Nano 6G had everything I wanted:
Music (check via Amazon mp3s)
Podcasts (check via iTunes)
Audio books (check via Audible)
Portable (check)
Compatible with Bose MIE2i (check)
Keeps track of workouts (check via Fitness Icon and Nike+).

So I got myself another one and this time I went for the 16GB which should be plenty of storage for my needs. Here are some of the images of the Nano 6G Graphite color.



Published: Oct 18, 2011

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  1. Well, to answer your questions:

    IMHO the Nano 6G is an interesting beast. It takes a step back in many areas (video playback is gone!) but miniaturizes the media player to a ridiculously small size. I think it's a step in the right direction - the demand for big bulky media players has already passed as tech-savvy people who are willing to handle a big device are all going for more versatile smartphones.

    I doubt that the 7G (if there is one at all) will be very different from a hardware standpoint (maybe they'll add a little more storage, but definitely not something as drastic as an SD card slot). Most of the improvement will likely be in the software - allowing it to play videos (believe it or not I know some people who would watch videos on that tiny little screen) or act as a smart watch (calendar sync for reminders, alarms, that sort of thing).


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