Mar 21, 2012

iPod Nano 6G - Accessories

Here is a compilation of the accessories posted on the nano6g blog. The links under the images will redirect you to the product home page.

If for some reason you feel like this page is neat and would like to return the favor please use my Amazon links to purchase something. The Amazon links will be marked as "(A)" without the quotes, or the link itself if I did not find the product home page.  Thank you and enjoy!


Countycomm Watch Band
iLoveHandles Rubber Band (A)
iLoveHandles Rock Band (A)
Incipio NGP (A)

Shapeways Nanolet
Disney Watch Wrist Strap (A)
PDP Disney The Muppets Kermit Band
Hex Watch Bands (A)
Snugg Watch Band (A)
iWatchz Elemental,Q,Timepiece,Carbon (A)
Loop Attachment (A)
Incase Flex Wristband (A)
iCuff (A)
ZShock Diamond Lunatik
Etsy Cuffs
Etsy bracciale dieciedieci
Ozaki iCoat-Watch (for her, for men, for sport)
LunaTik TakTik, TikTok, Lynk (A)
Speck Time To Rock (A)
IPEVO Chrono Leather Strap (A)
SwitchEasy Ticker (A)
Wrist Jockey (A)
Elecom AVA-N10LB
Belkin WristFit (A)
Frontal Concepts Infuse
Quad Mountain's Ultimate One (A)
Griffin Technology Slap (A)

Scosche Silicone Skins (light, dark) (A)
Ghost Armor
DecalGirl Skins (A)
Logiix 10231 The Protector (A)
MiniSuit Crystal Clear Case
Aimo Rhinestones Cover
ZAGG InvisibleSHIELD (A, A-Full Kit)
Proporta Screen Protector (A)
Amzer Mirror Screen Protector (A)
CrazyOnDigital Crystal Acrylic Hard Case (A)
Luxmo TPU Skin Cover
rooCase Black Silicone Skin
Navitech Hard TPU Cover
CCM Skin Case
MyCarryingCase Gel Silicon Case (A)
Anti Glare Screen Protector
Empire Screen Protector
iLuv iCC1113 Protective Film
MSJ Pro Guard AF
SumacLife Silicone Skin + Anti Gloss Screen

Case Other
MiniSuit Silicone Skin Sport Case (neckstrap)
Griffin Wristlet (A)
TuneWear TriPorter (wristwatch, hook, pendant) (A)
Griffin Courier Clip Carabiner (A)

Scosche soundKASE n6 (video) (A)
H2O Audio Amphibx Fit Waterproof (A)
H2O Audio Amphibx Fit (A)
XtremeMac IPX-SWP-13 Sportwrap
MiniSuit Adjustable Sports (A)
Tune Belt Sport Armband (A)
Griffin AeroSport (A)
Belkin FastFit (A)
TuneWear JogJacket
Grantwood Technology RunWallet (A)

Many existing docks will not work with the 6G. Pictured above is the "iPod Dock for iPod nano 1G" which is not compatible with the 6G.
GSI Quality Mini Portable Docking Station (charging ok, sync ok, volume not ok and needs a 'volume control adapter')
XtremeMac Incharge Duo
Hernetics Waldok
Technocel Universal Power Pak
Simplism EmergencyBattery (A)
Elppa Musik Ball
JVC TH-BC3 SoundBar (A)
Ozaki iMini-Rainbow/iMini-Cute 2 (clock/radio/speaker/dock with data sync) (A)
Sony ICF-C05iP Clock Radio
Gavio The Pill
Bluelounge MiniDock (A)

Case Container
Thingiverse Case
iHome Rechargeable Speaker Case IHM11 (A)
Premium Durable Eva Case (multiple colors)
Nano Sock Cases

VeriCorder MiniMic (A)
Cables To Buy Mini Microphone
SwitchEasy ThumbTacks (A)
Chill Pill Audio's RapCap (A)
Earphones with Mic
CCM Headset Adapter + Mic
Earphones with Remote and Mic
Bose MIE2i, images+description (A)

Curve Creative Cap. Jack
Simplism Japan DockCarabiner Neo (A)
iLuv iEA15 Remote Adapter+Mic (A)
Neewer LCD Touch Assembly

Kokkia i10 Mini Bluetooth Dongle (A)
Space Saver Dash Car Mount Holder
IPEVO Bendi (A)
Innovelis CordShrink (A)
Cosmos Silicone Neck Strap
NANO Accessories
SRS Labs iWOW 3D (A)
DigitalsOnDemand 14 Item Accessory Bundle
HEX Cable Keeper
Griffin iTrip Universal FM Transmitter (A)
CrazyOnDigital 16-In-One Accessory Kit
JayBird iSport BT Adapter (A)
Nike+ SportKit (A)
30 Pin To TV Cable



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