iPod Nano 6G - Sync Media Without iTunes

Gear: iPod Nano 6G.

The question of "how to sync media without iTunes" has been asked many times. iTunes is quite the large and slow program, there are other options and today we will go over "iMacsoft iPod to PC Transfer" software. You need to have iTunes installed for iMacsoft software to work, but now you do not need to "use iTunes".

  • Transfer files from iPod to PC, and PC to iPod.
  • Support for mp3, m4a, m4v, mp4, mov, aac, aif, wav, bmp, jpeg, gif, png.
  • Create backups of all of your music, photos, audio books, podcasts, and voice memos.



Published: Mar 31, 2012


  1. It's not without iTunes, you need a certain Version of iTunes for this program to support your device.

  2. Do you know a way to do it without using iTunes or any other program?

    1. You can add files to the Nano 6G by using it as a thumb drive, but those media files will not be "seen" by the iPod Nano 6G (due to media indexing methods). You have to use iTunes or other software.

  3. What about iPhone Explorer and PhoneView? I use them on my iPad and iPhone.

  4. What it does is great job and once you run this great tool you'll be so happy with your iTunes collection.
    free iTunes codes


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