Oct 12, 2011

Bose MIE2i And iPod Nano 6G

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When I ordered the Bose MIE2i I was in need of a compatible iPod to test the media remote controls. What I had was an old iPod that I borrowed from my brother and a broken Palm Pre cell phone.. neither worked with it. So after a few weeks of lazyness and my need to workout I ordered an iPod Nano 6G (16GB). I'm happy to say that the media remote controls work with the Nano 6G.

Bose MIE2i Functions:
  • Volume Up
  • Play/Pause, Skip Track, Answer Phone call
  • Volume Down



  1. A headphone control with an ipod NANO? Seriously? The nano is so small that the remote is almost redundant.

  2. The nano is small... but I still don't like to have it in my hands, and I don't have an armband. So I welcome the controls on the Bose MIE2i.

  3. They should make it waterproof (or at least water resistant)...

  4. That would be awesome! I would easily put down dollars for Bose waterproof earphones.