Nov 9, 2011

Bose SoundLink Wireless Mobile Speaker - Videos + Some Thoughts

Gear: Bose SoundLink.

I'm a big fan of quality products. Bose is one of the companies that I truly admire. If I could I would own all of their products, but frankly I cannot. But I have owned several of their products such as the Triport, AE2s, In-Ear, and MIE2i. My next product might be the SoundLink Wireless Mobile Speaker.

Reasons I like this speaker:
  • Bluetooth or 3.5mm stereo
  • Retains bass in a small size (view the acoustics vid)
  • Allows you to switch between 6 BT devices (similar to IOGEAR's keyboards)
  • Up to 8 hours of music playback
  • Has a clean look

Currently I have several bluetooth devices that I would love to pair with my Monster ClarityHD. The problem with the ClarityHD is that it doesn't let me switch between audio sources easily.  Pairing my tablet, laptop, cell phone, and mp3 player to a speaker and easily switch between the audio sources would be great, and the SoundLink does that. Their acoustics seems like it cancels the crazy vibration that you would get otherwise (like Soundmatters foxLv2 and Jawbone Jambox).  Since the speaker is also a bit bigger we could expect louder and better bass than the Monster ClarityHD.

At $300 this is not a cheap speaker.  It's more expensive than some studio monitor quality speakers.  My experience is with the M-Audio BX5a and Mackie MR5 which used to be over $200 per speaker.  In a way Bose is known to price their products at a bit above average, which may indicate that they think highly of what they produce.

Usually I don't like extremely sharp audio or over bassing.  It gives me headaches and makes my ears hurt.  Bose on their latest products has delivered very clear crisp highs and mids with good bass.  Overall Bose products suit me quite well.

Besides all that info... I noticed that Bose doesn't really have videos on their Youtube channel.  Bose's website does have the videos. To promote what I think is a good product I have uploaded those videos to my channel.  Hopefully I don't get charged with copyright infringement. (please Bose have mercy!)


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  1. I am agree with your point. This portable Bose wireless system can be placed at any area of the home with its compact size. The Bose SoundLink wireless system needs no installation or wires.