Aug 13, 2011

Jawbone Jambox - Thoughts And Audio Test

Gear: Monster Clarity HD, Soundmatters foxLv2, Jawbone Jambox, Satechi BT Speaker, Portable Speakers.

Jawbone is known for beautiful bluetooth headsets for cell phones. However, they made the Jawbone Jambox and it's very good. This is the inspiration behind me getting all these compact bluetooth speakers. I tried a Jambox at Best Buy and the crazy bass coming from it made a very deep impression in my brain. The thing can be terrifying.

Audio Quality
The audio quality is very good. However, it feels like it could be a lot louder. The strong point of the Jambox is the bass. If you have tunes with deep bass this is the system for you.

The problem with a speaker with deep bass is that audio quality sometimes feels hindered. The end result is that audio is not as clear as it could be. The Monster ClarityHD takes the win for audio clarity.

  • Best looking design in a bluetooth portable speaker
  • Audio feedback is neat (something that is not seen in any other speaker)
  • Very good range
  • Can deal with phone calls
  • Has stereo input for improved audio
  • Very good bass for such a small system (uses the battery for bass)
  • Keeping up with local video is ok (not great)
  • 10 hour battery life (best)

  • Audio output could be louder
  • $180 is a lot of money
  • The Jambox can move quite a bit during "deep bass"
  • It does lose sync when playing flash video (ie delay of audio)

At $180 you are paying for a system that is very good. This is the sexiest compact speaker system out there. There are a few areas that can be improved on but overall Jawbone made a very good product. There is one more unit to test which is the Soundmatters FoxLv2 and that is the main competition of the Jawbone Jambox,

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