Feb 2, 2013

JayBird BlueBuds X Storm White - Box Contents, Details, & Coupon Codes!

Gear: JayBird BlueBuds X.

Some thoughts on these wireless Bluetooth sports earphones.  Videos, and images below.  Enjoy!



Use coupon JBA15 for 15% off (temporary)
Use coupon SNOW30 for 30% off (expires Dec 31, 2013)
Use coupon JBGIVE25 for 25% off (expires Dec 25, 2013)

A better USB Bluetooth dongle for computers: Azio USB Micro BT 4.0 Adapter BTD-V400.

Design (4/5)
  • Very small form factor.
  • Easy to identify buttons.
  • Nice voice and tone feedback.
  • Blocks some external noise, and they stay in ear (when using the right size and hooks)

Comfort (3/5)
  • First day were quite uncomfortable, wanted to take them off within 20 minutes.
  • Next day my ears got used to them enough to have them on for 3 hours.
  • Ear canal heat is blocked.
  • It amplifies natural feedback (ie you can hear sounds from your teeth chewing food)
Bluetooth (4/5)
  • Not APT-X technology.
  • Easy to pair.
  • Bad with X230T, not good for video.
  • Good with iPod Nano 7G (excellent range)

Audio quality (4/5)
  • Loud, very clear vocals.
  • Good bass.
  • No annoying white noise.
  • This is not Bluetooth Apt-X, but it's very good audio.
  • I feel that overall the audio quality is good, but not great.

Battery (overall very good 5/5)
  • Discharge
    • 6:45 hrs, vol 9 from top.
    • 7:00 hrs, vol lowest (1)
    • 5:22 hrs, vol max.
  • Charge times
    • 2:45 hrs (not definite)

Voice Prompts
  • "Battery low"
  • "Power on"
  • "Power off"
  • "Searching for your music device"
  • "Headphones connected"
  • Volume up/down sounds.

Not for:
  • Casual high quality audio seekers.

Best for:
  • Sports/workouts.


How I got the BlueBuds X

Around December 2012 I got an email from Melissa G. (Brand & Relations Coordinator at JayBird). I ignored the email as I no longer accept "review" units. In my mind getting things for "free" can tweak my mind and my opinions. In January 2013 I learned about the BlueBuds X and grew a desire to test them, and I recalled that JayBird had sent me an email. While I refused to get a "free" review unit I accepted a discounted one, and then I requested a coupon code so JayBird could give my readers/viewers a discount. I don't get a commission when people use the coupon, but if you are interested then take advantage of it. Enjoy!

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