Oct 11, 2011

Bose MIE2i Earphones - Comfortable And Great For Workouts

Gear: Bose MIE2i.

I owned the first version of these earphones and they were fine... but not perfect for working out. The Bose MIE2i with their hook like design improve on the first generation drastically. For workouts these are my current top pick. Keep in mind that there are different versions of the same earphone: IE2, MIE2 and MIE2i.

MIE2i Notes:
  • They stay in your ears during running workouts.
  • Are very comfortable.
  • Sound quality is very good (good bass too).
  • The cable length is at about 45 inches long.
  • Offer media controls (volume up, down, and one button that does play/pause, skip track, answer phone calls).
  • Media controls work with the latest generation iPod Touch, iPhones.
  • Comes with many replacement tips (large, medium, small, and non-hook).
  • Has a case which can be used to store your earphones and tips.

  • The big negative that I see with these earphones is the price which is $130 (Bose is not known for low priced products).
  • Armband users will have to deal with the long 45 inch cable (I wish this was swappable to a shorter one).

Overall I'm happy with the Bose MIE2i. At $130 they are way above the normal cheap earphones you can find at Walmart, but the comfort and audio quality will guarantee lot's of great audio every day.


I love these hooks, they keep the earphones in place when running.

Volume up, down, and multi-function Play/Pause/Next Track/Answer Call button. The Mic is on the other side.

They have a little separator which allows you to manually change the Y shape cable.

This clip may come in handy if you want to route/guide the cable along your body.

Compare this connection to your current earphones, you might notice a few differences.

Do use scissors to open the package, it will be a lot easier this way.

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