Jan 23, 2011

Linked - CNET Links Lenovo S10-3T Blog

Every once in a while one of my blog gets linked by "high profile" people.  Usually I can tell when someone has linked a blog through sudden spikes of visitors.  When I was doing the Lenovo S10-3T blog Rick Broida linked the lenovos103t.com blog and that got a few thousand extra visitors to the site.

Piece from his article:
I've actually had some hands-on time (pun intended) with the IdeaPad, which you can read about over at Business Hacks. You should also check out this guy's S10-3t fan site, home to all kinds of optimization tips and how-to videos. (Performance is not this Netbook's strong suit, but the site offers many ways to improve it.)

I probably got linked because I spammed the hell out of his blog post at bnet.com

Lenovo S10-3T Blog

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