Aug 15, 2011

Soundmatters foxLv2 - Thoughts And Audio Test

Gear: Monster Clarity HD, Soundmatters foxLv2, Jawbone Jambox, Satechi BT Speaker, Portable Speakers.

I really don't know much about Soundmatters. I never even heard of them until I came across the foxLv2. When I was checking out the Jawbone Jambox I saw that the direct competition was the Soundmatters foxLv2 and so I got it. There are pros and cons to each compact speaker and the foxLv2 is no different.

Audio Quality
The foxLv2 has the loudest audio I have seen in a small speaker. Overall it has a good balance of clear audio and bass. However, the clarity is not as good as the Monster ClarityHD. The amount of bass at times feels like it overpowers the small dimensions of the speaker, and therefore pushes the system forward. It's kind of fun to see this guy move all over the place(actually that might be a bad thing because it can drop from your table).

  • Jam packed with accessories
  • USB or wall powered (faster charge times)
  • Loudest volume
  • The body is the sturdier (it should take a few drops with no problem)
  • Overall it might be the best on audio (considering a balance of audio clarity and bass)
  • Stereo input, and a subwoofer output (the others don't have this)

  • Not the sexiest
  • Only 5 hours playback time (the Jawbone Jambox claims 10)
  • Audio can feel amplified (not as bad as Jambox)
  • Loses audio sync if you distance from audio source
  • Range is not as good as Monster ClarityHD and Jawbone Jambox
  • It moves a lot!

$200 is a lot of money. I have mixed feelings about the foxLv2 because it delivers very good and loud audio, but the range and sync is not great. It can also move a lot which ends up requiring your "supervision" (depending on the type of music of course). The foxLv2 has the internal prowers of a bigger speaker in a body that might just be too small.

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  1. Please still try to do a dv6t Quad Edition game review of various new games.
    (I know it takes awhile but it would be really nice to see these games run on this laptop.)
    Thank you,

  2. There about a million videos of the DV6T QE playing games. I don't think it's worth doing a video about it.

  3. really i tried to find some and could not find any
    using query hp pavalion dv6tqe gaming, games, videp cards,ect.
    Thank you,

    BTW After i saw your video for the ClarityHD i got one and that thing rocks :)


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