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Aug 22, 2011

N-Trig Replacement Pen And Tips

If you have a system that utilizes N-Trig technology for pen input then these links will be useful.  Yes you will have to eventually replace the tips.  If you lose the pen then you can also get a new one. Check this link for tips (Motion Computing website) or get a replacement N-Trig pens used in the HTC Flyer pen or Evo View 4G.

[update Feb 2, 2014]
There are now several N-Trig pen versions.  The one found above is the N-Trig 1 pen, but the same company has now introduced DuoSense Pen 2.


  1. Niiice. Now if only N-trig would have the hard felt nibs that feel so good on the Wacom pens.

  2. The N-Trig and Wacom pens are very different. The actual "touch" of the N-Trig pen is started when the nibs are pushed enough. (that's why there is a slight click) The Wacom pens require less pressure than the N-Trig.

  3. Hi,

    I am interested to know whether any of the N-Trig pens you have tested are interchangeable. In particular, whether an N-trig pen fora Dell XT2 could be used on a HTC Flyer?

    Rgds, Glenn Jones
    Canberra, Australia

  4. Glenn,

    I never tried the Dell XT2's pen and tablet. I have heard that the pen doesn't use a battery. If it works similarly to other N-Trig pens there's a possibility that the XT2's pen could work with other devices.

    If you do try it let me know how well it works.

  5. Glenn,

    IIRC, NO.

    There are two kinds of N-trig pens: the battery-powered ones (Flyer) and the battery-less (XT2) ones.

    The battery-powered ones are powered by an inductive coil that goes around the edge of the screen. Since the Flyer is designed to be used with its own power source (battery), it doesn't have the coils and so will not be able to power the battery-less XT2 Pen.

    I think that the battery pen WILL work with a device that comes with a battery-less pen (but I'm really not sure about this.) So you can use the Flyer pen with the XT2, but not the reverse.

    I think the hardware section on forum.tabletpcreview.com have a bit more info about the topic.

    Hope this helps,

  6. will these pen tips work on a tx2z n-trig stylus

  7. I'm not sure. If they are completely different technology then it won't. Google Shopping has a few places where they sell it so I recommend checking that out. http://goo.gl/wcxxL