Aug 13, 2011

Monster Clarity HD Precision Micro BT 100

Gear: Monster Clarity HD, Soundmatters foxLv2, Jawbone Jambox, Satechi BT Speaker, Portable Speakers.

Monster is known for the high quality and expensive cables, but they made this neat compact bluetooth speaker and it's good.

Audio Quality
The audio quality offer one thing that is amazing, and that is "clarity". Most crappy speakers will have an "amplified" feel. But the Monster ClarityHD reminds me a lot of studio monitor speakers (I have tried Mackie and M-Audio). The bass is very clear and the position of the woofer on top. With this design in mind the unit does not shake all over the place (like some of the other more expensive speakers)

  • It's small
  • Excellent range (the best)
  • Can answer phone calls
  • Has stereo input
  • Crisp clear audio that does not feel "amplified"
  • Good clean bass that doesn't destroy your music
  • It remains in place without moving during "deep bass" music
  • Probably the best at staying in sync with video playback

  • It's not sexy looking
  • The bright LED lights on the front are annoying

At $70 it does feel like you are getting a great deal because of the amazing audio that you will get. Based on comparisons with other speakers in the same category the Monster ClarityHD feels like it should be priced higher. Overall I think this is the best for your dollars when it comes to bluetooth compact speakers.

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  1. I have a simple question. Can you use more than one of these at a time? (comment, just bought one for only $45 bucks on Amazon, i guess because it's the ugly gray color)

    1. I do not think you can pair multiple ClarityHD speakers to a single Bluetooth "source" (PC, cell phone, etc). Each source can have their own speaker.

      If you need to, you can "pair" a speaker to another source, which is following the same principle as the initial pairing.

      Some Bluetooth speakers like the Bose SoundLink allow multiple sources, and easy switching among sources. (I wish the ClarityHD had this)


  2. Found my travelspeaker, cheers dude. By the way i find the disign belongs to the pros. Simple and decent.

    1. Simple and functional design enables me to focus on the important details. ;-)