Aug 5, 2011

OCZ Vertex 3 SATA 3 SSD - Thoughts + How To Update Firmware With Laptop

Gear: OCZ Vertex 3.

I have owned the OCZ Vertex 3 SSD for a few weeks now and I didn't do a video about it because I was trying to get it fixed. But now I got it fixed and hopefully sharing my experience helps those seeking more information about this SSD.

Why I got the OCZ Vertex 3
This is one fast SSD that is also very affordable ($240 for 120GB at Amazon).   The post on Gizmodo comparing it to other SSDs got me pumped!  So I got it.

Issues I encountered in Firmware Version 2.06
Stutters, Freezes, BSOD (Blue Screens of Death)
Wanting to return the SSD to OCZ because it was such a painful experience.

The fix and how to update firmware to 2.11:

  • This is the how to summary if you have your SSD as the main drive and running Windows 7 and in a laptop
  • It is advised to backup the files from the SSD (I didn't)
  • I recommend checking on the post by RyderOCZ at the forum (link)

  1. Download PenDriverLinux and Tools for OCZ SandForce Driven SSD's.
  2. Extract the file "ocz_fwupd_1.642.12.04.zip"
  3. Plug in your USB thumb drive
  4. Run "Universal-USB-Installer-"
  5. Make sure to select "Try Unlisted Linux ISO (New Syslinux)"
  6. Select your newly extracted ISO from the zip file
  7. Select your Flash Drive, enable the Format, and click the Create button
  8. Boot up your system and select your USB Thumbdrive (make sure it's plugged to a USB 2.0 port instead of 3.0 because it sometimes will fail).
  9. Enter the Graphics Boot - Full GUI interface
  10. Establish an Internet connection (either ethernet cable, or configure a wireless connection)
  11. Run Update Firmware, press Enter to update the firmware
  12. You might have to run the firmware update twice
  13. Shutdown your system, and run Windows 7 (enjoy!)

There are so many "suggestions" out there on how to fix the OCZ Vertex 3 and none of them did it for me.  What did fix it was RyderOCZ's post.  Those forums are crowded with problems, but I don't have to worry about it anymore since I got my SSD working properly.  I'm happy.

OCZ clean up those forums.  It really looks terrible and it makes it really hard to find the fix. 



  1. Man that laptop is beautiful :D (fast and cheap too)
    So what are the boot time and writing benchmarks on SDD vs. HDD? thx!

  2. Running benchmarks on SSDs can ruin them. I won't do that. The tech blogs that get these SSDs for free do those benchmarks, but I didn't get this one for free. My laptop does boot faster, loads big and small files quickly, and rendering time of videos are much shorter.

    I am considering adding the SSD to my Fujitsu T580 because it's a more mobile system and the SSD is better for shock. If you shaked a system with a HDD you can damage it permanently. The HP DV6T with the 7200 rpm HDD is good enough.

  3. Sweet i didn't know that that ruins the SSD's. I guess you learn something everyday ;). Cool thx,

  4. One or two benchmarks might not do much damage to an SSD, but if you run enough of them you can significantly shorten the lifespan of the SSD.

    More info:

  5. Hello. can you help me this link is death in your site: Tools for OCZ SandForce Driven SSD's.

    Where can I download this program:ocz_fwupd_1.642.12.04.­zip

    pliss help me, thanks

    1. The tools have been taken down. There are new versions which you may need to use.