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These are all the posts that I have created about the Asus Eee Note.   I hope this answers at least one or two of your questions.

All My Eee Note Posts

Latest News:
NetbookNews - Asus Eee Note EA-800 US Bound for less than $200

Sources of Info:
Official Eee Note EA-800 Website
Asus Eee Note EA-800 RSS Feed
Youtube - Asus Eee Note Videos
LatinVixen's Eee Note Video

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Anonymous said...

tx for all the posts! if i was in usa i would bid for the one you're selling!

last question before it goes - what is like to switch between note taking and the ereader, or between reading a book and looking something up on the internet? (does it switch quickly between apps?

Jesse B Andersen said...

Getting out of an app is fast, opening apps is not as fast. Loading books with images takes longer than plain text.

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