Asus Eee Note EA-800 - Leather Cover

Gear: Asus Eee Note EA-800, eReader Tablets.

The leather cover is included with the Eee Note and it will do a fine job at protecting the device.

The design is awesome because no one will ever suspect that you have an electronic reader/note taking system in there.  Your inner geekness is concealed... that is until you open the cover and reveal the Eee Note.

Leather Cover Notes:
  • Holds the Eee Note in place
  • Allows a secondary stylus (or pen)
  • Has a camera hole in the back
  • There's a "dip" so you can easily take out the stylus

Yes you can scratch the leather with anything sharp, including your nails.  But I prefer to accidentally scratch the leather cover than scratching the Eee Note.  Just like I said on the video "some protection is better than no protection".

I'm glad I didn't have to go buy a separate case... so thank you Asus.

Some Questions

Why don't you buy the HP Slate?
The HP Slate is going to be fast and will work well with MS OneNote thanks to the stylus.  However there are two drawbacks to the HP Slate.
  1. The screen is backlit, therefore I won't be able to read for many hours without irritating my eyes.
  2. The battery on the HP Slate will not last long.  Most ereader batteries last way long compared to the HP Slate.  The Eee Note promises 13 hours of constant use without the Wifi.  The HP Slate's website says that it can last up to 5 hours... but based on my tests computers don't last the marketed battery life.  The Slate will probably last 2 to 3 hours.  The Eee Note also has a 10 day standby.  I need long battery life and the Asus Eee Note has enough.
There's also a WebOS tablet coming from HP which we'll find out more details about soon, but most likely it will be an iPad competitor and thus have a backlit screen.

I would love to see a convertible tablet  10.1 tablet with Pixel Qi screen technology and stylus input.  That way we have a speedy system that can handle the awesomeness of MS OneNote.  But for right now there's no system that can do that, so the Asus Eee Note can fill that space.

HP Slate 500 Page
MS OneNote

Published: Jan 20, 2011

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