Jan 31, 2011

Asus Eee Note EA-800 - Apps 2

Gear: Asus Eee Note EA-800, eReader Tablets.

On the video I go over:
  • Sticky Notes - Create or read .txt files. You can import and export .txt files from your pc.
  • Gallery - View the images you have imported or screenshots you have taken.
  • Audio Playback - Play your music in .mp3 format
  • Calculator - do I have to explain...
  • Dictionary - Search definitions of words in Mandarin or Longman English
  • Trash Bin - Just like with Windows computers
  • Bubble Breaker - Pick groups of items, the bigger the group the more points you score.
  • Game 2 - don't know, don't care.
News Update:
Eee Note EA-800 will ship to Europe in February for $355 (I paid $266.76 total for an import).   One awesome thing about these news is that the English firmware will be out, so us with the Mandarin version will be able to update.  :-)


  1. There is no such thing as an 'English firmware'. You can change languages by editing a configuration file on the eee note.


  2. So changing the language is done by editing a file. I'll try it out.

  3. thnaks for all your posts on en EA800... i am definitely waiting for them to be widely available then i'am getting one. in the asus forum at tabletpcreview there is lots of discussion about how to change the language, how to add new apps etc (apparently there is an sdk of sorts)

    One thing I wish would write about it the ereader application!!! How does it handle 'plain pdfs' and how about ones that have tables and graphics ion them?

  4. Hi guys, I just got my asus eee note yesterday and i already converted the language to english. It is very very simple. go to this website; http://forum.tabletpcreview.com/asus/37789-asus-eee-note-peek-within-7.html
    There is a quote posted by a user called Wahaha432 which says;

    Hi all,

    The attached zip file contains the dvt_check script. The purpose of this script is to convert Eee Note UI to English.

    To use this script, one should:
    1. prepare a microSD card
    2. extract the content of the zip file to the microSD card
    3. insert the microSD card to Eee Note
    4. reboot Eee Note

    If everything goes smoothly, you should be able to see "Loading..." instead of "載入中..."

    This is exactly what i did and just like a miracle, the language was change. Just download the zip file and extract to micro sd and all should be fine.
    I am so happy now!!!!!!! I hope this makes others happy tooo!!!!!

  5. Dimeji,

    That's one method of having the English language. Another method is to follow the steps at: http://www.jessebandersen.com/2011/02/asus-eee-note-ea-800-english-version.html

    The version that I posted doesn't require a microSD card.

    I ordered a microSD card to play with experimental apps. Someone has a "Contacts" App.

  6. Can you actually write on the PDFs? or other documents. I would love to be able to take this thing into a meeting take notes on handouts I've loaded onto the device. Thanks for all your posts!

  7. You can write and highlight PDFs with the Eee Note.

    You cannot transfer the PDF or ePub files with your changes back to your computer. It's NOT like PDF Annnotator - http://www.viewtablets.com/2011/01/pdf-annotator-for-win-7-tablets.html

    One thing you can do is to take a full PDF or ePub "snapshot" (this is different from the normal snapshots). These full snapshots are exported in .PNG and are the same size as the PDF at 100% size, and yes they include your handwriting and highlights.

  8. I own one of this and I DEEPLY regreat. It is the worst tablet ever, it is cheap BUT it isn't worth ANY cents, save more money and buy a good one is my advice, viewsonic for example. This eee note is all black and white you see nothing in color, the one I have is in chinese and you can't change language, it has NO backlight so you can't read any pdf in dark room, and as far as I know there is no apps for this, and system is linux, so much I regreat wasting 200 $....:(

  9. Have you seen the HTC Flyer? It's an Android 7 inch tablet that offers pen input. It's better than the Eee Note for dark environments due to the backlit color screen.

  10. Make sure what your needs are before bying! If you expect or need some multimedia (including color), better go for something else than the eee note.

    Reciprocally, as far as serious all-day long note taking is concerned, it is way better the any other multitouch screen due to its nice & precise wacom digitizer... Gray levels are OK. Only regret is the lack of support & applications from Asus and the community. A weird device indeed, but happy with it keeps every bit of my notes now (and has an undo button) :)