Jan 22, 2011

Asus Eee Note EA-800 - Applications (Apps)

Gear: Asus Eee Note EA-800, eReader Tablets.

The Eee Note doesn't have millions of applications. It has a few... I do wish it had a few more ;) Since I can't read Mandarin I will list as them as I understand them.

Applications in the Eee Note EA-800:
  • Notebooks/Notes - Enables you to read and write hand written notes. Each Note can have subpages, tags, passwords, and many more details on the dedicated video.
  • Reader/Books - Allows you to read your books in ePub, PDF, TXT. You can also tag them for easy searching.
  • Camera - Let's you take pictures with the 2MP color camera (max of 1600x1200 resolution)
  • Voice Memos - Record audio
  • Sticky Notes/Tasks - Txt files that can be imported from your computer
  • Photo Album/Gallery - View images in your system
  • Audio Playback - Plays your audio files.
  • Calculator - A giant calculator
  • Dictionary - Search in Mandarin and English definitions of words
  • Settings - Do system changes add ID and Passwords (Adobe ID, Evernote, Wifi), change time, and more.
  • Trash Bin - Same as any computer. You can restore items if you need to.
  • Browser - Allows you to navigate the internet (not a super smooth experience)
  • Bubble Breaker - A game where you combine identical items
  • Sudoku (like thing) - don't know... don't care.

Applications that I wish it had:
  • Calendar with notifications (ie it tells you if something needs your attention)
  • Email (sync in the background through wifi)
  • Faster application loading
  • Word highlight and quick definition display - ala Hanvon WISEreader N618
  • Search based by Title, Tags, Content (inside books), Annotations (my hand written notes inside books).

Some images show with the English version demonstrate all of the applications under one page.   The Mandarin version has two pages.


  1. Jesse,
    Is there a way to order this eee note for Canada ?

    I have looking hard for a lcd note pad that is great for note taking during meetings and this looks like the perfect solution.


  2. I bought it from Taiwan... if they shipped to the USA then they probably ship to Canada. One of the earlier posts has the links to two stores that have them.

  3. Can you draw (handwrite) notes on a page in a PDF file in the reader/books app? Can you also use the on-screen keyboard to type a note on a particular page, and if so will an external keyboard work as well for this?

    Can you export these annotated PDF files to your computer, and if so, do the annotations remain, including any highlighted text? If they do remain, does the original text in the PDF file remain as text or is it converted to an image?

    Actually, it would be VERY cool if you could mark up a PDF file in this way (e.g., include a handwritten note, a typed note, and highlighted text) on the eee note and then post the PDF file here for us to see... :-)


  4. I will go over the Reader application later on.

    Regarding PDF stuff
    - You can draw handwritten notes.
    - You can write text through the virtual keyboard in any page.
    - The system does not accept external keyboards.

    The PDFs will not be saved with the annotations or text that you input. Your changes are saved separate and they are not converted to an image. You can take snapshots of the pages you edit (they are saved in .PNG format).

    I would recommend using a convertible tablet if you want to do this. There's a program called PDF Annotator which has those features.


  5. So the changes (i.e., edits to a PDF) are saved as a separate file? What kind of a file does it save to, or is the snapshot function that you mentioned the way to get your changes out of the tablet to a computer? Is this file linked (though a naming convention, etc.) with the pages from the PDF so you can cross reference?


  6. Highlighting text and text writing in Books (PDF, ePubs) are saved in eboookdata.db It's probably a proprietary database.

    Notes from the Notebooks Application are saved in notedata.db

    There's a button that takes full size .png files with your highlights. You can export those to your computer to then view or print.

  7. Hi, I just bought mine. As a lawyer, I wanted to carry "e-laws" with me. Problem is : everything and everyone is "iCrazy". So I would need to make my own PDF with my own table of contents, because I can't buy any versions of the law for the Eee Note. So my question is : is there a "search" fonction in the ereader (e.g. search for section 1452 of the law).

    Also, are there any applications we can install, independant developers or not?

    Many thanks!

  8. Hi Mr. lawyer,

    The search of this device seeks for titles, and tags. Everything inside the PDF is not searchable.

    There are independent applications developers, but the big developers are not focusing on this device. Developers are focusing on the iCrazy and Android platforms.

    I would recommend getting something more like the HTC Flyer. The Flyer has faster and better tools due to the Android OS. Other details include a 7 inch touch screen that also supports pen input. It should arrive at Best Buy within two weeks.

  9. Thank you very much for your fast reply and recommendations Mr. Andersen. I will certainly have a look at the HTC Flyer.

    I was wondering if you had a link to those independant applications, and if there are any interesting?

    And just to confirm: e-books from iStore and Kindle store can only be read with iPad and Kindle, or I could buy and then transfer to the Eee Note?

    Thank you very much,


  10. I saw some of those independent apps at Tablet PC Review forums. You might have to google something like "Asus Eee Note apps site:tabletpcreview.com"

    The Eee Note reads PDFs, ePubs, and several other formats. No Kindle books. I have used Kobo Books and Google eBooks with the Eee Note.

  11. Thanks a lot, your help was very appreciated! Do you have a twitter account by any chance? I'll gladly follow you.
    Have a nice day.