Asus Eee Note EA-800 - Digitizer Stylus

Gear: Asus Eee Note EA-800, eReader Tablets, Fujitsu LifeBook Digitizer.

Since I use a Lenovo X201 Tablet and love options I dumped my Lenovo digitizer and have used a Fujitsu Lifebook Digitizer that offers 2 buttons and a better eraser.  The Asus Eee Note comes with a very weak digitizer so I recommend using the Fujitsu one.

The included digitizer is ok... but switching modes from pen to eraser is a hassle.  The Fujitsu digitizer offers the second button which switches the mode to eraser.  You can also use the actual eraser on the Fujitsu digitzer.  This is going to make note taking and erasing a heck of a lot beetter.

The screen is from Wacom and you can use the Asus Eee Note Ea-800 with a computer via USB.  Having that digitizer will allow you to do even more things with your PC.

Lenovo Digitizer vs Fujitsu Digitizer

More about the Fujitsu Digitizer

Fujitsu Digitizer Unbox

Wacom Drivers
Alt video.

Published: Jan 20, 2011


  1. Can you help me choice one stylus from following? I m not sure which one is suitable and better for eee note. thank you if you can recommend one for me.

  2. Try to get a new one. Sometimes the used ones can have a worn out eraser and therefore can scratch the Eee Note's screen.

    If you have two buttons then you don't need to use the eraser.

  3. I have the two-botton stylus and the ASUS Eee 800 Note.

    How do I program the two buttons on the stylus? Is teher a way to do it on the Eee Note?


  4. You cannot reprogram the buttons to do what you want with the Asus Eee Note.

    You can only reprogram the buttons on Windows computers with the Wacom software.

  5. To configure both buttons on the stylus (PC-Tablet-mode) :
    - download latest wacom driver ISD_DualTouch_701-8.exe (TabletPC driver)
    - extract this .exe (7zip)
    - inside you will find installer.dat
    - edit file installer.dat
    - change ISD=1 to ISD=0 (line 10)
    - install driver
    - reboot
    - find : c:\DRIVERS\WIN\MTouch\Installer.dat
    - change ISD=1 to ISD=0
    - install for the second time from this folder
    - now you can configure both buttons in your Control Panel (Windows)

    If you won't perform these steps, the installer might tell you that it cannot detect your device.

    My English sucks..I know. =_=

    1. Will the configured buttons work while writing or this will only effect in PC tablet mode?

  6. Hi,
    Will this stylus (and eraser and buttons) work o the Asus EEE Note?,


  7. @Anonymous regarding stylus
    Yes that one will work. The link you sent me shows it at a price of near $60. Save yourself some dollars and get it from Amazon for $35.

  8. Thanks for the reply, Jesse.

    I live in Australia so amazon won't ship it to me. So I have to go the ebay way.

    And thanks for all the videos etc regarding the EEE Note. I purchased it after watching/reading your site.


  9. Dear Jesse B
    I've seen your video about the use of the two buttoms fujitsu digitizer stylus lifebook on the Eee Note. You've convinced me to buy it, also because the one supplied has broken its tip. Looking on the web sites above mentioned in the discussion, the product is no more available. I've not found other online sellers. Have you any suggestions ?
    Thank you in advance.
    Riccardo from Rome

    1. I got mine from Amazon and they shipped it to my US residence. I'm not sure about international orders. You could attempt calling a local Fujitsu office

  10. Ok, thank you

  11. I just purchased a EA800 recently and am evaluating stylii that would function correctly with it. I decided to try out Wacom's "Bamboo Feel". I am very confident it will work, plus it looks very well made.

    1. Not all Wacom pens are compatible with all Wacom tablets. The Fujitsu Lifebook Digitizer is not compatible with many of the Bamboo tablets (as told by a close friend).

    2. Jesse, Wacom did mention this "Feel IT" stylus' compatibility with Fujitsu's LIFEBOOK® T902 and T732, which is the same stylus (FPCPN28AP) I'm using on my EA800.
      So by inductive reasoning, this "Bamboo Stylus Feel" should work on my EA800. :)

      Check it out:

      But I'll report back when I get the stylus to confirm also. (keeping fingers crossed)

  12. Just got the Wacom Bamboo Stylus Feel and it works on the EA800's screen.

  13. can i configuration the screen brightness in eee ea800
    it's darkness