Asus Eee Note EA-800 - Unbox and Thoughts

I plan on doing a series of posts about the Eee Note.   I wanted to do an "all in one" post that would cover everything about this device but that would take too much time to create.  Instead I will create smaller posts that go over one feature at a time.  It might be a psychological thing where something seems like a lot of work... but if you break the task into smaller pieces then it doesn't feel like "work".  ;-)

I have the non-English version so I have to work with what I got.  Only elite bloggers got their hands on the English firmware.  Once the English firmware is released to the public I will create a better "review".   The English version seems more polished and I bet Asus is working hard to make a better experience.

What is the Asus Eee Note EA-800?
This is an electronic book reader with note taking capabilities.

What's different from the Eee Note and other eReaders?
Writing notes on digital books, tag books, create notes, and many other features.

Why do I like the idea behind this device?
I don't like paper and having more books usually takes space and weight.  With digital I can carry tons of books and replace tons of notebooks. I also enjoy a system like this because it does not have a backlit that burn my eyes like LCD computer screens.

I prefer to have a library in a single device...  instead of a library consuming my house.

Where can I order this device?
As of right now not in the USA but you can order it from Taiwan.   Two places where you can order it right now include PC Home and Yahoo Taiwan.

How much did you pay for the Eee Note?
I paid a total of $266.76 which included shipping.

How long did shipping take from Taiwan to the USA?
3 days (4 if you count the day of ordering)

What file formats work best?
.ePub files work best.  PDF work... but they don't resize the way .ePubs do.

Does it have a dedicated book store?
As of right now, no.  You can download ePubs (they work very well) from places like Google Books, and Kobo Books If you can download the file then you can add it to the Asus Eee Note.

I have an ePub how do I add it?
ePubs seem to be managed by Adobe.  You must get an Adobe ID and have Adobe Digital Editions installed on your computer.  Once you have the physical ePub then you can add it to the Eee Note via Eee Note Sync.  Video tutorial on the way.

Where can I get the manuals and software?
Can I make apps for the Eee Note EA-800?
Yes.  The source of the Eee Note is out for anyone to download.  If you are a skilled programmer you can do it via QT by Nokia.

If you have questions you can send me an email or add it to the comments section.  Enjoy!

Official Product Website:
Official Asus Eee Note EA-800 Product Page


Anonymous said...

For PDF and ePub documents, can you write directly onto them (annotation) to make your own notes for things like textbooks?

Jesse B Andersen said...

You can highlight text in books. You can also write actual text (not hand written) notes and add them to the side of the book. You can access these text notes easily through a menu. I will go over those features on a video too.

Peter Keesey said...

The PC Home Place no longer has this in stock and the Yahoo place doesn't seem to have a way to ship to the US. Is there another way to find this device? I really want to purchase.

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