Feb 1, 2011

Asus Eee Note EA-800 - English Version

Gear: Asus Eee Note EA-800, eReader Tablets.

This is how you can change the language of your Eee Note from Mandarin to English. Since the video cannot show every detail I encourage you to check the text below.

Steps if you have not installed Asus EeeNoteSync App :
  • Connect the USB cable to the Eee Note and pick the first option
  • Open setup.exe and follow the installation steps
  • Once the software is installed disconnect the Eee Note
  • Reconnect the Eee Note and create a backup (if you want to conserve your files)
  • Update the firmware (I encourage it)
  • Restore your files

Steps if you have installed Asus EeeNoteSync App:
  • Create a backup with the EeeNoteSync app
  • Locate and open "sys.config" via notepad (usually the file is at "EeeNoteBackup\settings\sys.config")
  • Change "[language]default=tc" to "[language]default=en"
  • Format the partition - Go to Settings > 2nd page > 2nd to last option > first button on the left
  • Wait for the system to format, then push the "restart" button
  • Restore the backup from EeeNoteSync and restart the Eee Note one more time
  • Your system should be in English now, enjoy!

I hope this helps those enthusiast who could not wait for the European and American release and imported their Eee Note from Taiwan.

Note: Now I can view how many mistakes I made with the previous videos!!!   and I knew that game was Sudoku!

If that doesn't work check this:

Thanks to:

Turn your Eee Note to English - Method 2

If my other method fails, and you want English on your Eee Note follow these simple steps.

  1. Download the file http://www.peterbarrette.com/EeeNote/FullInstall.zip
  2. Unzip the contents of the zip file into the Micro SD card
  3. Restart your Eee Note


Super thanks to pbarrette and the guys sfrom Tablet PC Review forums:

PhoneBook App in Eee Note (it doesn't work perfectly for me)

Visit http://forum.tabletpcreview.com/asus/37789-asus-eee-note-peek-within.html for tons of more info and some experimental stuff.  Also check joshualamorie's GitHub at https://github.com/joshualamorie/Open-Eee-Note/

Some questions

The Eee Note is not switching to English!
Try updating to the latest firmware, there's a good possibility that earlier versions did not include English.

How to get two columns on the home page?
Do another restart of the Eee Note and you should get the two columns.


  1. Hi,

    First of all: THANKS! This video is awesome, it worked perfectly with my EeeNote. Now, my friend also has one and after I showed her that I was able to do it in my eenote we tried to do the same with hers but it doesn't work!

    Any ideas why it's not working for her?

  2. Try updating the firmware. It's possible that some of the earlier versions did not have the English built in.

  3. Hi! I'm korean.

    I will be buying this product.Before that I have a question.
    In this way, is change in other languages besides English? for example korean, french.

    This conversion is possible?. thanks!!
    Have a nice day

  4. I'm not sure about other languages. You could send an email to Asus and ask for more info. From my experience Asus is just terrible at to email. I requested information about this system about 4 times and got zero replies. Good luck.

    Regarding languages... I speak Spanish but I don't use Spanish for any of electronic systems. English rules the world, so I use English. Once China takes over the world's entire economy then I'll switch languages. ;-)

  5. Hi Jesse,

    I just want to let you know that I purchased the EA-800 and followed your directions very carefully. Unfortunately, even after updating the firmware, the language would not change.

    Luckily, you had acknowledged the posters at www.tabletpcreview.com which actually guided me to a solution that worked for me. In one of the posts, a poster named pbarrette has compiled a series of fixes in a .zip file. The process was as (1) simple as downloading the file, (2) unzipping its contents onto my SD card, (3) turning on my enote while the card was in my machine.

    The file can be found here:

    If anyone is tempted to try this, do so at your own risk; all I can say is that it was very simple and worked for me.

    Good luck,

  6. Thanks for sharing that info. For some reason some systems don't go to English with the method that I used.

  7. Question on this... I'm looking at having one of these shipped over from Taiwan. In one post, the author said he had an issue with the physical buttons not working after changing the language to English. That seems a little odd to me, but I wanted to check to see if you've had any issues with this. Thanks!

    - Adam

  8. Adam,

    I don't any issues with the physical soft buttons and the English version.

    I suspect people that are having issues with the soft buttons are the ones that modified the ROM through installing of firmware via .zip file and the SD Card. I never did this with my system.

    I just updated the firmware through the EeeNoteSync software and it worked for me. If you see some of the comments above you can see the second method of getting English.

  9. That's what I expected. My guess is that something in that zip file messes with something it shouldn't and causes some of those issues. Your method definitely seems less invasive and less possible to mess something up. I figured it was a good idea to ask before buying though. Thanks for the response!

  10. Just a note that this procedure also did not work for me with a brand new EeeNote. The updated sys.config file is definitely loaded, when I do another backup the file still has the line "default=en". Have tried a number of restarts/restores and no luck. I'll have to try and get a hold of a MicroSD card and give that one a go.

  11. That worked just great. Thanks a lot. Didn't even watch the video. Only followed your instructions on this web site. Thank you so much.

  12. Hi Adam,

    I don't remember anyone posting an issue with the soft buttons. There was one person who had trouble getting the phonebook app installed from my FullInstall zip file. The SD card English conversion doesn't affect the soft buttons in any way.

    The latest firmware update makes a change to the soft buttons in that they are automatically disabled when you enter the Notes application. When you leave the Notes app, they are not automatically re-enabled, so you must use the top menu-bar item to re-enable them.

    The Sync tool backup method shown here (originally proposed by me) doesn't convert the browser settings to English. To do that, you must use the zip based installer script, or pull the internal SD card and make the modifications on a linux system.

    If anyone does have a problem with the FullInstall script from my site, please go to the tabletpcreview forums and let me know.


  13. phbarrette,

    Thanks for the explanation. I got my SD card and I plan on playing around with the system a bit more. I'll make sure to visit the Tabletpcreview forums and check all the developments that you guys have been working on.

  14. Sadly when I went to pchometo purchase mine it appears that they have pulled the product from their international site. From everything I've been able to look at, it seems that this is only available in Taiwan and for domestic shipping... or on ebay with horribly inflated prices. Looks like I'm waiting for now.

  15. PChome is back:

  16. i can not update the firmware, pls tell me what to do. thanks in advance

  17. I have stated how I updated my Eee Note. I'm not sure what would prevent a firmware update.

  18. hi dear
    excuse me , i cant do this instraction
    i change the sys file but it dont work
    after restart its in chines language and i take another back up and im sure the file is chenge becuse i take another bak up and see it
    i cant do please help me
    my email add : [email protected]
    thanks alot if you help me

  19. Try posting about your problem at http://forum.tabletpcreview.com/asus-eee-line/

    They have tons of info about the Eee Note over there.

  20. Does it support Micro SDHC memory card?
    Many thanks.

  21. Yes.


  22. Go to website http://freeenote.org/pages/downloads.html it is the only way that really changed the language, don't waste time with any other useless ways.....

  23. You are right that some Eee Note's don't update through the method I showed. The FullInstall.zip method seems to work on those systems that didn't update before. Thanks for sharing that link!

  24. Question to anyone in general. Will ASUS ever release this tablet in the USA? It should sell good here because of its unique features.
    Of course, it may have missed the opportunity since Viewsonic will be releasing the ViewBook 730 in July.

  25. Who knows. I don't think it would do super great right now. There are other devices with pen input that will do great. Asus might have missed their opportunity.

  26. Hello there, my name is Diego. I received my Asus Eee Note in the mail yesterday. I purchased it through eBay. I only had to pay $10 for the shipping (shipped from Taiwan) so, after all said and done I paid almost $300 total for it.

    I am a full time student and the main purpose for getting the device was to take notes in class. So far, I believe that the Asus Eee Note will do the job. Please know that this is not a regular Tablet device. Taking Notes on it and reading eBooks are its primary functions. The Eee Note comes with a Web Browser which is marked as experimental. I tried to go to youtube and I could not watch any videos due to unsupported formats used on youtube, so, it is experimental. Please forgive me if any of my comments is found to be wrong but I am only sharing what I have been able to gather so far.

    I like to know thank Jesse for taking the time to make a video and gather information for us. Great job man, thank you very much...I have a few questions I like to post and hopes of maybe finding someone with an answer.

    1. I connected the Eee Note to my computer (I have a macbook) and unfortunately the first option that pops up "Eee Note Sync and Wacom Pen Tablet driver" does not run on my computer. I get a message error that reads, " The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer." Options given on the little pop up window: Ignore or Eject. Is there a way around this or does the Eee Note does not work on mac operating system?

    2. What is the maximum Micro SD card supported by the Eee Note? I found some Micro SD cards with a 64GB capacity but Asus recommend to use a 32GB card. Has anyone try to install a 64GB Micro SD card on the device?

    In general, I am happy and very excited about the device..it is nice looking and even sexy as described in some websites. I see a lot of potential for is and I hope Asus continues to developed new programs and applications.

    Thank you,

    P.S. Jesse, I see an ad for a Micro SD card on your site. Do you recommend it? If so, maybe I get it from here since I like to support your efforts. thank you.

    1. 1. I do not own a Mac and therefore do not know.
      2. 32GB Micro SDHC. The 64GB are most likely SDXC.

      I am not sure about which ad you are talking.

      Sorry for the late reply, blogger directed your comment to a spam box; I did not see your comment until now.

  27. Hi Jesse, could you name those other devices with great pen input that would have comparable features with the AE800? And perhaps, where one could have a look and buy them eventually.

    Thanks so much!

    Anonymous 1

  28. @Anonymous 1
    There are many devices with pen input. There are many places you can get them.

    Apple Newton MessagePad (??)
    Asus Eee Note EA-800 (wacom)
    Hanvon - WISEreader N618 (??)
    HTC Flyer (n-trig)
    Fujitsu Stystic Q550 (n-trig)
    Asus Eee Slate EP121 (wacom)

    HP Touchsmart TM2, Elitebook 2760P
    Lenovo X60T, X200T, X201T, X220 Tablet
    Fujitsu T900, T580, T901
    Dell XT series
    Panasonic Toughbooks
    Asus Eee PC Tablets

    FYI. I might turn my site http://www.viewtablets.com into a tablet guide. I tried to cover all the news of tablets and managed to do it for a few months, but it requires too much time and there wasn't enough return.

  29. Hi Jesse, thanks for your reply.

    That is quite a variety. Is it fair to say that ASUS eee not ae800 is a good choice in terms of performace/price?

    I have not found this perticular feature on your videos: scribbling over a pdf document. Is it possible at all? Would my scribble-notes overlayed on the pdf pages be saves along with the pdf document, or shoudl I take screen shots page by page and save them individually?

    Thanks again,

    Anonymous 1

  30. @Anonymous 1
    Performance wise it's not going to be great. The processor and loading are a bit slow. The price is not bad.

    For PDFs type in google "Asus Eee Note PDF" and you should see some results. (btw you can scribble on the PDFs and then take screen shots).

  31. In this regard (scribble on pdf document) the deal is the same as with Onyx Boox 60 ebook reader. However, as it seems, the ae800 does offer some convenience features as to write notes and scribbling being the main feature of the device.

    Thanks again.

    Anonymous 1

  32. hello,

    maybe you can help me with the following issue. When i'm making some annotations with my Asus on a pdf document, once this document is loaded into the pc the annotations do not appear on this loaded document.any idea how to solve this issue. thanks and best regards. jacques

  33. @jacques

    You cannot save an edited PDF. The only way to see these "changes" on your computer is to take snapshots and view them in PNG file format which is an image.

    If you are curious on an actual PDF editing software you might want to check PDF Annotator along with a Windows tablet. Demo at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LxnBb7Mfnnw

  34. Jesse, I have a doubt that I need to clear beforebuying the EEE note, and I hope you can help me: When you switch the system to English, does the dictionary switch into and english to english dictionary?


  35. Piero,
    It's fairly easy to switch the language settings. Check http://www.jessebandersen.com/2011/09/asus-eee-note-ea-800-english-dictionary.html

  36. Hi Jesse,

    How can I uninstall a program on the asus ea800??

    Cheers, Giacomo

  37. hey man, my asus note was in italian lang so i tried to connect it to my computer it asked for a password but i cant remember it. so i think i did something very stupid by taking out the memory inside and put it in my computer then it asked to formate it so i did. so now when i open my asus note, it give me that msg ( ASUS Eee note update Engine system)
    then under it ( >>> update by pc tool <<< )
    then under it,( start system failed, now waiting for connection of pc tools... )...
    can you please help me step by step in that?? explane clear plz coz i never used asus note before. its for my sister. thank you


  38. Giacomo
    I'm not sure on how to uninstall a program on the EA-800. I never tried.

    Currently I do not have the Eee Note therefore I cannot fully help you. I recommend going to the Asus website and downloading the manuals, and files. You should be able to place files in an SD card and update the firmware when you turn on the system. Follow steps found in "Method 2" above.

  39. thanks for your replay as faster as you could,
    i have tried downloading this file in Method 2 and put it on the SD card. i tried 2 ways. leave the file in zip file and unzip it but it gave me the same msg as i told you in my question.. but when i was copying the file into the SD card, i saw something strange.... the SD card is 4GB and thats what it says on it, but when i put it in my computer, it only show 15 MB as full space!! is it might be the problem??

    another thing.. when i goto asus.com/download..... what files shall i download??


  40. thanks for your replay...

    i have did that and put the file into my SD card but it show me the same msg... there is something i noticed when i was copying the fils. my SD card is 4GB but when i connect it to my laptop, it show only 15MB full space!!! i tried another SD card ( 2GB ) and it was the same thing didnt work....
    can you plz tell me what files do i download from the asus website?
    and when i download them, do i leave them in zip file or unzip them?
    and is there is anyway i can get this pc tool that my note asking for ??



  41. Try this:
    - Delete the contents of the SD Card.
    - Download http://freeenote.org/downloads/software/UpdateClient.zip
    - Extract the zip file and place the contents inside the SD Card.
    - Place the card inside the Eee Note
    - Boot up the Eee Note.

    Hopefully that fixes the ROM image.

  42. ok but how can i boot it up? im working on the SD card that INside the Eee Note..

    im sorry, its the 1st time to work on Eee Note ROM. i worked on Android Rom before but this one is sooo new to me and i love to learn new things!!!

    im sorry again for being annoying mate!!


  43. MooDy,
    You have to use a second SD card, and put that into the slot. Leave the SD card that is found inside the Eee Note alone.

  44. ok but its to late coz i formated it by misstake!! if you can help me to install new rom on it again or just upluad me the files that was on the SD card ( inside ) i guess that will solve that problem im having!!! thanks....

  45. Hi Jesse,

    no way to use the ea800 wifi with joikusoft!
    any ideas?

    Cheers, Giacomo

  46. Giacomo,
    I had never heard of Joikusoft. Maybe there's a way, but I don't know about it.

  47. Hello jesse,
    I had mine on chinese for a couple of months and
    after i did the conversion the battery just drains away in a couple of minutes, and it doens't even charge totaly... have any ideas?


  48. Alex,
    I'm sorry to hear the battery is being drained quicker. I'm not sure what can be done. You could try to install the latest firmware and see if that improves it.

  49. Christopher CrawfordDecember 17, 2011 at 3:03 PM

    Hello Jesse,
    Thanks for you help.
    An update: I just puchased a new EEE Note from PC-Home (Taiwan)
    With the most recent firmware, there is a setting to switch to English.
    It is in the Settings program, second page, second to last item. Click on "English" radio button, and then the first button to the left on the bottom, and it reboots in English.

  50. Chris,

    That's awesome! I'm glad they added that because trying to update it through these other methods is a bit too much work for the average owner.


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