Asus Eee Note EA-800 - Status Icons and Search

Gear: Asus Eee Note EA-800, eReader Tablets.

Eee Note Status Icons

  • Date and Time - Time is usually displayed.  When clicked it will show date, time, and it also allows you to change.
  • Battery - This icon indicates your remaining battery life.  When clicked it displays the percentage.
  • Wifi - You can turn on/off your wifi connection, or change the current wifi hotspot.
  • Volume - This allows you mute/unmute and change the volume level
  • Soft Buttons - Enable or disable the soft buttons (previous, home, next, and the five other buttons)
  • Music Playing - When playing music this icon appears.  You can pause, stop, or go to the music page.
  • Voice Recording - Appears when recording audio.  You can pause, stop, or go to the voice memo page.

You can see some of the multitasking elements on the Eee Note on that video... it won't be a smooth experience. My hopes are that Asus is polishing the English firmware to address the slowness.

Eee Note Search

Search on the Eee Note works by using the Titles of documents and Tags.  Search will NOT read your hand written notes or contents within a document.  The Eee Note does not have OCR (optical character recognition).

You can tag your documents from the Eee Note or by using the Eee Note Sync software with your computer.

Published: Jan 21, 2011

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