Feb 10, 2011

Asus Eee Note EA-800 - Evernote Features and Some OCR

Why use Evernote?

Because it syncs to everything. Written notes from one device can be synced to all of your devices (cell phones, tablets, desktop computers, laptops, etc).  It's a program that just works.  Evernote is a great program that I have shown before on my Lenovo S10-3T.

How does Evernote works on your Eee Note?

Evernote on the Eee Note goes only one way... from your Eee Note to Evernote.  There is no two way synchronization.  When you send files to Evernote from your Eee Note the system sends the entire Notebook (all pages within are sent).

Set Evernote account settings on your Eee Note:
  • Settings - Cloud Service Accounts
  • Select "Evernote account" and then type your Account Name and Password
  • Click OK

Yes you will need your Wifi on for Evernote to work.  Notes are synced to "from 

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

If you want to turn your handwritten notes to text you might be disappointed.  On the video above I demonstrated Microsoft OneNote and Abby FineReader Pro 10 and both did a lousy job.  The best way to turn your handwritten notes into text is by typing them yourself.  (you could hire someone to type the notes for you ;-)  hahaha )

The Eee Note will do a fine job at handling your handwritten notes, but they are for your eyes only.  Maybe changing the background to "blank" will help the whole OCR process.  Obviously everyone has their own style of writing so character recognition is not going to be perfect.  The OCR programs above are top class, and my handwritten notes aren't terrible.

Evernote -
Microsoft OneNote Official Page (at Amazon)
AbbyFine Reader Pro 10 Official Page (at Amazon)


  1. maybe you are right about the background... I wonder if it would help if the background had blue lines - it would still appear grey on the asus but might make it easier for the OCR software to pick out the letters...

    Are your notes password protect in any way? I would be paranoid about losing it....

  2. Yes there's password protection. You can set it up at the Settings page. The password protection allows you to:

    1. "Lock" specific notes and books (it requires a password everything you try to open it)

    2. "Lock" the entire Eee Note, it requires you to type the password upon the "sleep" state.

  3. From an image processing point of view the lines or any periodic pattern should not be an issue for "top class" character recognition applications. That is, a repetitive (periodic) pattern can easily be removed from images using relatively straight forward techniques and FFT. I would be very surprised if the lines contribute much to the issue at all.

    Electrical Engineering Student: Texas Tech University

  4. MP,
    If you make the software... sell it and make millions. ;-)

  5. Imagine I want to frequently transfer PDF files (academic papers) from my Mac to this device (and delete them after I've read them). Is it possible to do this (possibly wifi) via Evernote? I'm basically looking for a Dropbox-like way of sync stuff between my computer and the device where I'd be reading PDFs.


  6. You could use Always Sync to syncronize PDFs between devices. If you delete something in the Eee Note you can allow it to delete the PDF in your computer... or vice versa.

    I'm not sure if it works for Macs.

  7. for mac you can use dirsyncpro ( which is multi platform.