Mar 12, 2012

Lenovo ThinkPad X201 Tablet - ThinkPad X200 UltraBase Docking Station, Display Modes, And Tips

One of the great things about Lenovo ThinkPad systems is that they may have a dedicated docking station. This is especially useful if you like to connect many things to your laptop and then get annoyed when you have to unplug all of those cables. With the docking station you can connect all of your USB accessories and external displays and leave your laptop free of the clutter. Basically a docking station turns your laptop into a "ready for work" desktop.

I was going to the X200 Ultrabase from Amazon but Lenovo included it along with the review X201T unit. There are many sites like eBay that may have this docking station for a lot less money, so shop wisely.

Along with the convenience of "dock" and "undock" there are a few other extras.

  • Optical Drive - Useful if you need to use CD/DVD/Blu-Ray discs.
  • Mic In - In case you utilize a professional Mic for recordings.
  • Audio Out - To connect your speakers or headphones.
  • Gigabit Ethernet - For faster and wired internet and network connection.
  • 4 USB 2.0 ports - For all of your USB accessories.
  • Key Lock - For added security.
  • Support for "Advanced UltraBay Battery (up to 11 hours of battery), can charge secondary battery also.
  • VGA - To connect your external monitor, projector, or TV with a resolution of up to 2048x1536
  • DisplayPort - For a secondary monitor with a resolution of up to 2560x1600


Flipped Image On External Display When Connected In Clone Mode

One of the advantages of the X201T is being able to use an external display. The external display can be a computer monitor, projector, or TV.

You can change the display modes by pressing the Win + P keys.

Disconnect Projector
Disables the external display and enables only the X201T's screen.

This mode is also known as "clone" mode. The X201T's screen is cloned/duplicated to the external display. Some TVs and projectors will not support some resolutions.

This adds the screen as a secondary monitor. You can have different windows on each screen.

Projector Only
Disables the X201T's screen, and only the external display is enabled.

The system keeps the docked and undocked resolution and display mode saved. When you dock your X201T again it will automatically restore the previously set display mode.

If you keep your X201T in laptop mode and you close the lid the system will automatically go into "sleep" mode. When you dock the system you may want to close the screen, but keep the system on because you are now using the external display. So you have to change the automatic sleep behavior.

How to disable automatic sleep:
  • Press the Win key and type "Power Options".
  • On the left side click "Choose what closing the lid does".
  • Under the "Plugged In" section adjust the "When I close the lid" to "Do Nothing"
  • Click the "Save changes" button.

Now you can close the lid of the X201T while the system is docked or powered via the cable. It's a much better experience.

If you dock and undock your X201T from the UltraBase many times you will "lose wifi" connection after undock. There are several ways of reactivating the wifi.

Method 1 (Troubleshoot through Windows)
  • Right click your wifi signal icon on the taskbar and click "Troubleshoot problems"
  • After a few seconds it will ask if you to apply a Fix, click the "Apply Fix" button.
  • Hopefully this fixes the problem, if not then move on to Method 2

Method 2 (Disable and enable wifi card)
  • Press the Win key and type "Device Manager"
  • Find your wifi card under "Network adapters"
  • Right click on your card and click on "Disable".
  • Wait a few seconds and then right click on it and "Enable" it.
  • Once your wifi card becomes active it will try to reconnect to your wireless router.

Method 3 (Reboot/restart computer)
  • If the methods above don't work try restarting/rebooting your computer.
  • In a way doing this would be the same as Method 2, but with the system's power completely off.

Hopefully one of these methods fixes the problem.


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