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Mar 14, 2012

Lenovo ThinkPad X201 Tablet - Some Programs And Games

Tune-Up Utilities Thinix Touch

There are a lot of "speed up" your system programs on the internet and almost of all of them fail. I recommend Tune-Up Utilities because it does really speed up your computer. Try Tune-Up Utilities.

Thinix Touch is an "overlay" that focuses on making commonly used tasks a little more touch friendly. Try Thinix Touch.

Martview Kindle vs NOOK For PC

Martview is a program allows you to read eMags and eBooks for free. You can also share your content with the rest of Martview users. Try MartView.

If you want to read current and classic books you can use NOOK for PC or Kindle for PC.

VirtuaWin BatteryBar Pro

VirtuaWin is a program that allows you to create virtual desktops. Each one of these desktops can have different programs, basically you can group programs. By using key combinations you can easily switch among your virtual desktops. Try VirtuaWin. If you have a mouse with programmable buttons you can make your experience even better.

If you don't want to use a mouse you can also use flicks.

Most computer makers will advertise an "up to X" amount of battery life. Usually you cannot get that much battery life. You would have to create an optimal scenario to achieve those numbers. I would recommend BatteryBar Pro to get an "average" of your battery life. This software records how much you get with each session and then gives you a more proper average runtime estimate. Try BatteryBar Pro.

Stardock Fences - Manage Desktop Shortcuts SAI for drawing

Have you seen some of those terrible desktops filled with shortcuts. It's so easy to add shortcuts to the desktop, but properly managing them is a hassle. Stardock Fences is a program that helps you deal with this. They incorporate "fences" to group shortcuts. Try Stardock Fences.

SAI is a program for drawing, you can get very creative and make a lot of art. Here's a video of the X201T with SAI. Try SAI.

Microsoft Surface Collage Lenovo SimpleTap

Microsoft has a few touch friendly programs in the Microsoft Touch Pack For Windows 7. The program shown above is Surface Collage, which lets you rearrange images in a "collage" way.

SimpleTap is a program a tile-based program that gives you quick control of commonly used tasks. Usually you will find a "red tab" somewhere on a system that has SimpleTap. Earlier versions allowed you to create tiles for launching programs, and manipulating system settings like volume and screen brightness.

Version 3.0 has a lot more features which include: news & weather, deals, flights and fares, search for online games and programs, and a few other productivity options. If you own a Lenovo system you should be able to install SimpleTap 3.0

Typing with OSK on a X200 Tablet Playing StarCraft With X201T

OSK is a program that is built in Windows. Press the win key and type "osk" to give it a try.

Playing Dirt 2 With X201 Laptop Playing StarCraft 2 With X201T


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