Lenovo ThinkPad X201 Tablet - Toshiba Libretto W105 Software With X201T

Gear: Lenovo ThinkPad X201T, Convertible Tablets.

The Toshiba Libretto is a dual screen Windows tablet. It made a lot of buzz and was a bit of a collector's item. I never owned a Libretto but I saw some of the cool software and I thought that maybe they would run on the Lenovo ThinkPad X201 Tablet.

A few highlights:
  • Easy touch friendly resizing of windows via clicking titlebar.
  • Dual Display Settings allows you to increase the size of the titlebar.
  • Dual Screen Keyboard is super touch friendly.
  • Multi-touch music program with different instruments.
  • Toshiba Libretto Mouse is just a virtual touchpad.

If you want to experiment with this software I recommend creating a System Restore Point. Once you have created the restore point you can try out these programs at Toshiba.com - Toshiba Libretto W105


Published: Mar 11, 2011


  1. Nice. I really like the titlebar tool, but it stops working after restart. any ideas?

  2. You could create a shortcut and place it on the Startup folder (hit Windows key, All Programs, Startup)

  3. Thanks for the quick reply! I would place a shortcut in the Startup folder, but I can't find the program in \Program Files\TOSHIBA\Libretto that turns the title bar touch tool on. So far, I can only get the titlebar tool running by installing the whole set of programs in the tc00298901d.exe download from Toshiba. I'm using an x220t, windows 7, 64-bit, btw.

    Damn, I wish I could just buy this tool. I really like using it (whenever it does run)!

    Thanks for making (and spreading) the discovery!

  4. Try this:
    - Hit Windows key and type "Change windows colors and metrics"
    - Select "Active Title Bar" item from the drop-down list.
    - Change the Size and click the "Apply" button.

    Also check the "Active Window Border" item.


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