Mar 12, 2012

Lenovo ThinkPad X201 Tablet - VS HP EliteBook 2740P

Gear: X201T, EliteBook 2740P.

Every major PC manufacturer produces products to fill a market. When it comes to the convertible tablet market there are similar systems. One of the closest competitors of the X201T is the HP EliteBook 2740P.

Based on several reviews the X201T is the better system on components. Usually Lenovo does have an extended battery which gives you better battery life and works as a handle. A few other features which Lenovo dominates in include the screen quality and brightness, keyboard, and overall build quality.

Of course other systems have their pros. The 2740P has it's pros including the flushed screen and bezel. The flushed bezel was used by Lenovo on their next generation convertible tablet (X220T).

One drawback of the X201T vs the 2740P is the weight. It's not that much of a difference on weight, but Lenovo makes up for it with battery life. The 2740P did have a "slice battery", which Lenovo also began using on the X220T. So you can see that Lenovo is paying attention and improving their systems.

Thanks to zuluman007 for the amazing video.


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