Lenovo ThinkPad X201 Tablet - Finding The Case

I wanted to test different cases to see which one worked well with the X201T.

rooCase 12.1 Inch Laptop Black Deluxe Bag Case

Gear: rooCase 12.1 Inch Laptop Black Deluxe Bag

From the cases that I have tried so far this i by far my favorite. The rooCase is very well built and it does hold my X201T with the extended battery. It has enough space for accessories like a hard drive, mouse, and power cables.

  • Small and slim case
  • Comparments for accessories
  • Excellent material
  • Shoulder strap with padding

  • Big carrying handles

This is the case that I kept, it works well with the X201T and the materials are sturdy.

The bag's price goes from $20 to $35.

CaseCrown 14.1 Inch Laptop Sleeve

Gear: CaseCrown 14.1 Inch Laptop Sleeve

This is a case made for 14.1 inch laptops but it can hold the X201T with the extended battery perfectly. I did not have to struggle trying to fit the system like I had to with the Targus X60 Tablet Case.

  • Slim
  • X201T with battery fit perfectly
  • Compartment for accessories
  • Should strap option

  • The materials will attract dust, hair, etc.
  • Should strap is a bit thin and and uncomfortable after a while.

Thanks to CaseCrown for being cool and letting me have this unit. I have one more case on the way and then I will make my decision as to which one to keep.

Targus X60 Tablet Case

Gear: Targus X60 Tablet Case

I have taken the X201T on a few trips and I fear scratching the body as I do not have a case. Scratches are one of the main reasons to consider a case, so I looked around and I found the Targus X60 tablet case.

  • Small and portable
  • Keeps the tablet secured
  • Cross body/messenger strap
  • Awesome X pattern elastic for your arm
  • Easy access to the touch screen

  • Super tight
  • No easy power port access
  • Touch screen flap was sown poorly.

Since the Targus X60 Tablet case was poorly sown I have decided to return it. This case was not made for the X201T, but I gave it a go. I recommend checking a few other reviews if you are interested.


Published: Mar 17, 2012

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  1. Guess you most likely have figured this out - The back strap is for attaching to your travel luggage pull handle.


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