SteelSeries - QcK Ad QcK+ Mouse Pads Comparison

Gear: SteelSeries QcK and QcK+, SteelSeries HD.

After a few years of wishing for a new mouse pad I decided to get one. I narrowed down my options and got the SteelSeries QcK.

A small mouse pad is annoying because the mouse runs out of pad to glide on. The QcK is larger than my older Yin-Yang mouse pad and it's a lot more enjoyable. The dimensions are 12.6 x 10.6 inches for the QcK and 8.75 x 8 inches for the Yin-Yang mouse pad.

What attracted me:
  • Bigger than the "normal" mouse pads
  • Solid black color
  • Easy to fold if I need to take anywhere
  • $10 price isn't too bad

The QcK+ was a $15 order that I didn't expect... it was an accidental purchase. Since having both the QcK and QcK+ in the same room is such a tease I had to open the package and compare them. At 17.7 x 15.7 the QcK+ is absolutely huge. I have a small desk and the QcK+ is a bit too much on the right side. If I wanted to safeguard my glass desk against scratches from my laptop the QcK+ would get the job done.


I'm getting Steel Series Rival what mouse pad should i get? I'm playing at high sensitivity i don't move my hand i only move mouse wiht my fingers.

The better choice is a rigid surface mouse pad. Do consider a mouse bungee though.

Now, let's consider physics... because we all went through something of the sort. The forces on the mouse, considering it's wired, are: its weight, a normal force, friction, your hand's force, and tension.

Regarding the mouse pad. The friction on the quality mouse pads and mouse are generally very small, so this is not a big concern. The force that you exert with your hand, will be opposed, although not very successfully, by the friction force; this friction is usually very small (it goes through static friction first then becomes kinetic friction). A greater force than friction would be the normal force, which is more notable on deformable surfaces (ie the QcK and the QcK+); basically the surface bunches up slightly and you can feel that you must push harder with your hand. If the surface deforms enough you will create a pivot point at the front, thus torque will be present, and the mouse will begin to rotate (the back will move upwards--try it on your bed sheets and you will see). I don't think the QcK deforms enough for your mouse to flip and explode... But, with a rigid surface (SteelSeries HD) there will be less deformity and you will be safer from chaos.

Tension force, due to the cord, would be a bigger problem if you moved your hand all over the mouse pad. There will be pull and pushes that can get in the way of what you are doing. For this a mouse bungee reduces the felt tension. If you only manipulate the mouse with your fingers then maybe you don't need a mouse bungee as you will not feel as much tension force.

Physics class is over.


Published: Oct 25, 2011


  1. I have yet to find a good reason for a person who doesn't work on a glass to use a mousepad.

    Any decent laser mouse will track over pretty much any surface. Some mice even work on glass tables.

    Mousepads just get in the way.

  2. My mouse doesn't work on glass... so the mouse pad is a must. I wish my entire table was a giant mousepad to never have to worry about it. ;-)

  3. Why no white colors on a mouse pad? I was looking at SteelSeries QcK+ Gaming Mouse Pad-Fnatic Edition and it has white on it :

    1. I think that's a personal preference matter.


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