Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 12 - Cooler Master NotePal X-Slim and LB1 High Performance Cooling Pads.

100 Celsius is not a good thing for any computer.  My current desktop computer is running at about 35 Celsius.

I had a Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 12 with a broken CPU fan. The CPU fan is an absolutely essential component to cool the device. At the time I needed to get some stuff done and could not return it for repairs, so the best option I had was to purchase a laptop cooler. In the pursuit of a better opinion I bought two of them. One is a generic one, which goes by the name of LB1 High Performance Super Cooling Fan. The other one is branded, named the Cooler Master NotePal X-Slim.  I would also recommend having a laptop cooler if you intend on using your Yoga 12 as your main computer (perhaps hooked with the OneLink ProDock) at home, which will prolong the lifespan of your device.  Some images and thoughts below.

 The front of the box of the NotePal X-Slim.

 Back of the box.

 Inside the package.

 Box contents include the unit, and a small user guide.  You can observe that there is a single large fan.

 The back of the unit.  As you can see you can place the wires on either the left side or right side.  There are no LED lights on this device.

 The USB connector has a port on the back, which allow you to connect another device.

 The cooler sits flat.

 The unit can also be inclined.

 The other unit's box.

 The back of the box.

 The back of the unit.  You can see six fans.

 The top of the unit is also very flat.

 Construction quality is not as good, but it is a very light unit.

 This plastic bit can be used to hold the laptop on the surface of the unit--useful when inclined.

 This is the first incline setting.

 This is the second incline setting.

 The unit has blue LED lights with various settings, also note that the which fans are running can be adjusted.

No LED lights on.

 One of the settings.

 Second setting.

 Third setting.  Do note, the higher the number of fans the less power each gets--but it will distribute air on a bigger surface.

 The cable of the generic one is not that long and you may be forced to use only one side of your laptop/tablet.  Do note the size of generic cooler is quite close to the size of the Yoga 12.

 Looks good when in laptop mode.

 The NotePal X-Slim also looks good, but note how I can place the USB connection on the left side.

 When flat you can see how the Yoga 12's size is smaller than the X-Slim.

 The thickness of the X-Slim can be a substantial thing to consider.

 The generic one is overall smaller and has more manual settings--allowing you to keep things quiet.  But the single fan of the X-Slim provides plenty of air flow--but it may be louder than the generic one.

 The thickness of the generic one is considerably thinner.

The readings are with a broken Yoga 12 fan, the load is less than the very first image, but the difference in temperature is about 41 degrees Celcius.  With a working Yoga 12 fan and a laptop cooler then you can likely achieve even better results.

Temperatures of a Yoga 12 with broken fan, and no laptop cooler running.
 Temperatures of a Yoga 12 with broken fan, and the Cooler Master NotePal X-Slim running.

Published: Nov 7, 2015

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