Toshiba Encore 2 Write WT10PE-A264 - Box Contents and Images

Below are some images regarding the Toshiba Encore 2 Write tablet.  This is the 10.1 inch model, is a lower powered tablet, and runs Windows 8.  I purchased this tablet because it is one of the first systems that supports Wacom's new pen technology, which goes by Active Electro Static (AES); the pen is branded as the Toshiba TruNote pen.  More info below.

The package.

Box contents in their original packaging.

The contents includes: the tablet, power adapter and cable, various instruction manuals, the TruNote pen, battery, tethering cable, cap.

The device consumes very little power.  The battery of the tablet does last a long time, but you also must recognize that the processor of the device is not as capable as other more powerful tablets.

The pen and all of its parts.  The pen does have two buttons, uses a AAAA battery, has replaceable tips, and can be tethered.

I think the pen does not look as "professional" as it could be, but it suits the theme of the tablet--it is simple, functional, and inexpensive.  The two side buttons can be customized via the included Wacom software.

The manuals describe the tablet.

They also describe some of the software options.

There is some built in software that is ok.  I would recommend getting Microsoft OneNote (free) because it is a more complete note taking software package.

The tablet has a 10.1-inch screen, a webcam on the front.  The bezel gives you a good grip.

The back of the tablet also has a camera.

There is a pen holder that I think is elegant.  Some of the modern tablets use a magnetic system to "attach" the pen--of course this magnetic attachment is weak and will not hold the pen very well.  The Toshiba Encore 2 Write tablet has a more physical approach.

The pen has a metal rod/clip that goes inside the tablet.  This firmly holds the pen in place.

The top of the tablet a power button, two internal microphones, volume buttons, and a Windows button.

The bottom of the unit has a earphone/mic combo jack, speaker, microSD slot, micro HDMI port, and a micro USB port.  The micro USB port is used for charging the device.

 As of right now I can say that this tablet is NOT a laptop replacement and is NOT the best tablet available on the market.  The weak points include: not the best processor on the market, a small resolution, not the best speakers, and some other minor points.  The strengths of this device are: portability, very good pen input, and long battery life.  The tablet does a decent job at media (watching movies, music, etc).  If you intend on doing handwritten notes then this is a good device to use, but for many other tasks it may not be good enough.

On a subsequent post I will do some comparisons with a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 and a Lenovo ThinkPad X230T.  Also, for a list of pen digitizer capable systems check this page.

Published: Dec 30, 2015

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