Jul 15, 2012

Lenovo ThinkPad X230 Tablet - Fujitsu Lifebook Digitizer (2 button pen)

Gear: Fujitsu LifeBook Digitizer, X230T Accessories.

The included digitizer has 1 button, the Fujitsu Lifebook Digitizer has 2 buttons. There is an advantage with using a 2 button digitizer.

The problem:
Utilizing the eraser button at the back of the digitizer is a time waster, and it is also not as precise as the tip of the digitizer.

The solution:
Reprogram the right click button to perform eraser tasks.

The problem (part 2):
The right click functionality has been lost because of the new eraser capability. (me not happy)

The real solution:
Get a 2 button digitizer, such as the Fujitsu Lifebook Digitizer, and have both right click and erasing capabilities.

Technology should make our lives easier, and the default digitizer does not accomplish that. The Fujistu Lifebook Digitizer does accomplish this because we will not waste time rotating the digitizer to erase things and the right click options remain.  It simply works.

How to reprogram buttons:
  • Press the Win key and type "tablet".
  • Select the option that named "Pen Tablet Properties".
  • Modify the buttons so they perform what you need to get done.

I also recommend adjusting the digitizer to perform "hover clicks". The default behavior forces you to touch the screen with the tip and then perform a right click with the button, this is stupid. With hover clicking you can perform actions faster.

Enable hover right click
  • Press the Win key and type "tablet".
  • Select the option that named "Pen Tablet Properties".
  • Click the "Advanced" button.
    • Enable the "Hover Click" option.
    • Click OK button.

Pen Holder
The Lifebook digitizer does not fit in the X230T's pen holder, do not place it in there. When you travel you will have to carry the digitizer in your pocket or in a case.

Locked Eraser Bug
Microsoft OneNote sometimes gets locked in a "erasing mode", which is annoying but fixable. The fix is to  pull back the digitizer until it's out of the "hover state".  After that you can come back in and continue writing your notes and drawing cats.

Model T5000 or T5010.  Sometimes also refereed as FPCPN28AP.



  1. Does the Wacom driver acknowledge that the digitizers are different and can store settings for each?

    On my Intuos 3, after I purchased a newer, better digitizer, I'm fairly sure I could use both in advanced painting programs and it would remember which one had a fat pen tip and/or color and which one had a finer tip.

    1. I don't think the software stores each digitizer's settings (at least the Tablet PC drivers do not seem to do that on my end). The Intuos is different, and I have not tried that hardware. I have been tempted on testing some of those other pens with the X230T, if I have the funds I'll get one and test.

      The SDK should show if its capable.

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  3. I actually did try (intuos pen) and it didn't work on pc tablets no matter what kind , the only type of digitizer pen will work (other than pc tablet pen from othe pc tablet)is penabled digitizer pen, you can get it from amazon.com for like 30$, and the reason why its not working that wacom intuos line of tablet use much more advanced pen and tablet tech with starting 1024 points of pen pressure for intous 3 and double that for inuos 4 compare to 512 points of pressure for any pc tablet screen. Pen from amazon looks similar to what old wacom pen-partner tablet line had before they released bamboo line.
    I use at home inuos 4 and yes diferent profiles for each app its very handy but I dont think you have the same versatility with this wacom low grade tech, I hope in the future they will implement more advanced tech similar to cintiq one


    1. I'm glad you shared that info. I guess I'll skip getting one of those high speed pens. I agree with you that some of that Wacom tech should be implemented in Tablet PCs, although I'm guessing that could have quite an impact on battery life.

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    1. I'm not 100% sure. I know the J3500 pen is Wacom based, if the digitizer is of the "penabled" type then yes it would work.

  5. Yes it is penabled.It is UP-7110E and it is only available through Motion's website.Another option is Durabook U12C Accesory(UP-714W penabled) which is also availabLe from Gamatech website only.
    The tip of the regular Wacom white stylus isn't that precise and small as compared to those two other models and precise small tips are needed for product deigns or car design industry.

  6. Hi!
    i have no such "Pen Tablet Properties" programm on my x230 tablet, please tell which driver of programm i need to install in order to get access to Pen Tablet Properties.
    thanks alot!

    1. There are several ways to go about getting it. You could download the driver from Lenovo's website, or go to Wacom's website. http://www.wacom.com/en/customercare/Drivers.aspx?model=Tablet+PC&os=

  7. Can use the center 2 buttons as right and middle click and the top button on the eraser as a eraser?

  8. I do not manage to use the fujitsu pen to erase in MS word? Is there a way to make this?

  9. Which driver is it on the Wacom website? Thanks.

  10. Hey I can't get OneNote to register any of the two buttons as an eraser? Mind giving me a quick rundown on how to do that?