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Mar 30, 2010

Blogger and New Cordell M Andersen Website

Google does have some good technologies and deals and that's why I use blogger.  They are removing FTP publishing which affects my father's website.  Thanks to this hassle I have been forced to do a number of things which are actually good.

1.  Centralized Website (all managed by google blogger)
2.  Low Expenses - $10 for domain and hosting
3.  Easy to edit posts, pages, and layout

Before we would have to buy the domain and hosting which ended being over $80 per year.  With blogger that goes down to $10 which is amazing.  Also the new templates in Google are actually very good and offer a more "web 2.0" look.  Thanks to CSS you can customize everything.

Check my dad's new website:

Old website:

Mar 29, 2010

Slate Tablets

There's a buzz about tablets recently, more specifically slate tablets.  The slate style means that they are touch focused, have a small form factor, and that they don't include a keyboard with the system (like Tablet Pcs)  Here are three slate tablets that are changing the game.

Apple's iPad
The biggest advantage of this system is the 100% dedicated touch applications and a very smooth user interface.
If you own an iPod Touch you know how good the interface can be.  One drawback is the lack of support for Flash.

HP Slate
The "windows" based iPad.  It can run flash and HP is dedicating lot's of effort into touch applications.  Specs are unknown at the moment but the release date will be sometime during 4th quarter 2010.  Wired claims June 2010

Promo Videos:

Flash - in your face Apple iPad!

Notion Ink's Adam
One of the first Pixel Qi screens in use and it uses Android OS.  Pixel Qi offers e-paper technology which means that your eyes won't strain like with the iPad and HP Slate. Nvidia Tegra 2 graphics for HD video.  Also a very long battery life.  Expect this to be released sometime 2010.

Slates do allow keyboards to be plugged into them for easy typing.  Now what are slate tablets good for?  media consumption which we spend a lot of time doing.  These devices should give you some interesting experiences.

Apple iPad Homepage
iPad Accessories

HP Slate Homepage
HP Slate Blog

Notion Ink Adam

Mar 25, 2010

iSival MP720B1 USB Port and Lighting Conditions

I wanted to do one more video about the iSival projector regarding a USB port and thanks to an inquiry about lighting affecting the projector.  I hope I do justice to the two issues during this video.  Enjoy!

Gear on the video:
iSival MP720B1
Lenovo S10-3T

Mar 23, 2010

Second iSival MP720B1 Video (menus)

I left out several things on my first video so I felt I had to make a second video covering the Menu features.  I'm in love with the colors of the projector, they are amazing, which must be because of the LED technology.

You will be glad to know that you have tons of of customization options and you can change just about anything.  There's some cool technologies including the Auto keystone which makes this projector super friendly and adaptable.

Menus video

Playing Ladybug demo

In the future I want to mount this up in my ceiling.  Which will require a few HDMI cable extensions.  I could do wireless with a Warpia adapter but HDMI will give the best picture quality.

Projector Links:
iSival MP720B1 at Amazon

Realtime AMD Demo:
Ladybug Demo - download it and try it if you have the system

Thanks for those who corrected me with the pronunciations:  Sival - Seeval,  Pico - Peeko

Mar 19, 2010

Iogear Bluetooth Stereo Adapter - Wireless Audio!

I have been using the Iogear Bluetooth Stereo Adapter a lot. It sounds fantastic and I avoid the mess of cables that would otherwise happen.  I especially hate cables, and every headphone out there gets hot or begin hurting your ears after a while.  The solution was this awesome wireless adapter.

Gear on the Video:
Iogear Bluetooth Stereo Adapter -
Lenovo S10-3T -
Kensington Bluetooth Adapter -

Using Toshiba Bluetooth stack -

Mar 18, 2010

Programming Tic Touch Toe with the S10-3T

I decided to do a simple touch program to use with my S10-3T.  It is also my first game and was completely programmed with the Lenovo S10-3T using Blitz.  Programming was easy for a little bit then the keyboard response began to be delayed and slow.  At first I thought it was the IDE and then I switched to notepad, the response remained the same.

How to fix the slow keyboard response.
Method A - Create a registry key
Method B - Download my key and open it, reboot your system and you are done.

Method A
1.  Create a Backup
Open Registry ( regedit.exe ) and navigate to:
Right click on Parameters and select Export to backup the Key.  Save it somewhere on your PC were you can find it easier later.

2. Find or create PollStatusIterations
Now select Parameters again and look for the name PollStatusIterations.  If you can't find then Right click and create a new DWORD Value named PollStatusIterations  Double click on it and give it a value of 1.

Method B
Download this file and open it

Finish with reboot/restarting your computer and your system should not have the massive delay when you type any more.

After adjusting those settings programming was super easy and I finished my Tic Touch Toe game which you can now download here:

Mar 16, 2010

Can your iPad do this? The S10-3T can.

I have been trying to figure out a way to do wireless for the longest time.  With a few adapters I can create a wired free system in which I manipulate a tablet and all of that is projected through a mini projector.

I'm sure the iPad cannot do some of the things that I can do with the S10-3T because it's a very closed system.  That is fine if you want to do what the iPod Touch does already and maybe read a few books.  The S10-3T can do lot's of things.  Check the video and let me know what you think.

The future is going to be amazing.  One day we won't have to hook anything through cables anymore.  This is a glimpse of what the future might hold.

Gear on this video:
Lenovo S10-3T -
iSiVaL projector -
Warpia Wireless USB to PC/TV/Monitor -
IoGear Wireless GBMH221 -
Kensington Bluetooth -

Using Toshiba's bluetooth stack:

Recorded with the Flip UltraHD -

iSiVaL Instruments MINI Projector MP720B1

I have wanted to create a setup with a projector for the longest time. Browsing through the internet I found a link to a very interesting product that had/has not gained enough attention. This is the iSiVaL Instruments projector (MP720B1). It mostly got my attention because of the small form factor, really great life (30,000 hours), and 720p to 1080p video resolution. For $500 it seemed too good to be true. So I ordered one and I'm super amazed at how well this projector works.  Other pico projectors might be about $300 to $400 but they don't offer as high resolution as this device does.  They might be a little more portable but they really don't deliver the picture quality that the iSiVaL does.

If I used this projector 8 hours a day it would give me 3,750 days or close to 10 years worth of life.  This is by far a better alternative to expensive projectors which you need to replace burned light lamps every once in a while.  If you had to haul around a 80 inch HDTV you would be in a lot of trouble, with the iSiVaL projector it's super easy to move from place to place.

It's not meant to work with a room with too much light, which is totally fine with me.  My "cave" is dark enough.

If you want the full info visit:
iSiVaL Mini Projector

Excerpt from their website:

The new SiVal MP720B1 Hi-Definition Mini projector is the longest life mini-projector available with its cutting-edge LED technology. Its High Definition LCOS projection technology helps your presentation be memorable and successful. This portable and quiet projector is suitable to watch HD movies or play games .
  • 1280 x 768 HD Native Resolution - support 1080p, display up to 980,000 pixels with 16:9 (native) and 4:3 aspect ratio.
  • Long Projection Life - This mercury-free LED light source has a long life up to 30,000 hours, saves money, and avoids replacing light sources. No warming up, no cooling down.
  • LCOS technology - Liquid Crystal On Single chip technology brings you life-like images and video.
  • Easy Connectivity - Multiple interfaces (HDMI, VGA, CVBS) deliver high quality connectivity to laptops, desktops, DVD/Blu-Ray players and gaming consoles. HDCP supported
  • Keystone Adjustment
  • Easy Usability - Easily controlled by Keypad on projector or by Remote Cotrol
  • Portable - Compact design with 5.9’’X 1.97’’ X 4.92’’ and a 1.76 pounds
  • Green Device - With the efficient, mercury-free LED technology, you can help protect our planet.

Mar 9, 2010

Awesome Windows 7 Bug to the max!

I was doing some video editing and was running out of space quick.  It made no sense.  I don't even have movies or tv shows downloaded.  I got ExplorerXP and found this awesome Windows 7 bug.  For some reason the system is creating a new Application Data folder and filling it with the same contents.  I'm unsure what's creating this but this calls for a clean install of Windows 7.

You can spot this bug at two separate places:
C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Local\Application Data.  It repeats at least 8 times.
C:\Userss\yourusername\Local Settings\Application Data

This is taking at least 40GB to 50GB out of my hard drive.

If you are running out of space then you might want to check your folders and ExplorerXP is one program that allows you to view Folder Size.

My next question is why the heck does Google need over 1GB of data?

ExplorerXP -

Going Wireless with the Warpia SWP100

I received a Warpia Wireless USB Display Adapter today.  This device can be hooked to your computer and then you can wirelessly connect your TV, projector or monitor to the receiver.

I tested the system with my main computer first and yes it won't be as smooth as an actual VGA or HDMI connection.  It works well with 720p videos and it does have some lags with 1080p.  I was impressed by it and decided to try it with my Lenovo S10-3T which offers the multi-touch capability.  Running at 800 x 600 seems to be the best resolution for the S10-3T, however you can change it and yes performance will decrease.

If you have always wanted to walk around with your tablet and at the same time use a projector this might be the solution.  The current generation provides some interesting ideas and possibilities.  Warpia's future devices will be even better and I can't wait to see them.

The device comes with a USB transmitter and a receiver.
According to the case it says that it can do up to 1400 x 1050 resolution.
You can rotate the USB transmitter so it doesn't stick straight up.
Video is not 100% smooth looking.
It can go up to 30 feet (walls diminish the distance)

Best uses for this device:
Photo slideshows
Small videos

Gear in this video:
Warpia Wireless USB Display Adapter -
Lenovo S10-3T Netvertible -
HP 2509m Monitor -
Videos used:
Coral Reef Adventure 720p
Coral Reef Adventure 1080p

Drivers:Windows 7 drivers
XP and Vista

Mar 4, 2010

Lenovo Natural Touch - anywhere

Lenovo Natural Touch is a multimedia program that focuses on an easy interface to play with your media.  I got it running on the Lenovo S10-3T (not optimized yet), the Acer Aspire One (optimized), and my desktop pc.

Quick history:
I installed Windows 7 Pro on the S10-3T and quickly realized that the Natural Touch was nowhere online.  So I reinstalled the Starter edition and figured that the program can be copied and pasted anywhere and it runs a OK.  Now that I have the files I can install Windows 7 Pro, install the drivers, and then install this awesome program.

Link to the program:

Note: If Lenovo requests that the link be taken down I will remove it.  :-(

Visit for more Lenovo S10-3T news, hacks, and much more.

[update - March 26, 2010]
Open uCheckUpdate.exe from your Natural Touch folder to get the dedicated side button working!  Thanks to Jared for noticing the update.

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