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Apr 8, 2010

iSival MP720B1 - Creating Ultra Wide Screen Projection

I have done one Eyefinity 3 monitor setup for games before.  However monitors have a bezel that you have to deal with when playing games, watching movies, and anything media related.  HD projectors offer a great solution and the iSival MP720B1 does a good job on a budget and an awesome small form factor.  Check out the videos to see some of my demonstrations of ultra wide setups that can deliver huge resolutions.

Two projector setup

Ultra Wide Demo Scene

Ultra Wide Dirt 2 Game
I tried both 3200 x 900 resolution and 4032 x 1080.  They both look great!

Pretty amazing results right?   Thanks to Sival Instrument's Richard Quan for providing the second projector for these demonstrations.  There's so much more that I could do with two projectors but that will have to do for now.  Enjoy!

Gear on the video:
iSival MP720B1 Projector

Note:  I will be without technology (pc and internet) for a few weeks so I won't be able to answer questions until early May.  Adios!

iSival MP720B1 - Creating a big projection

I have not yet pushed the limits of the iSival MP720B1 HD projector. However here are a few videos that show how big this sucker can get.

Using a mirror to get a big 110 inch picture:

Demo Scene by Andromeda Software Development

Gear on the video:
iSival MP720B1 Projector
Product homepage

Apr 1, 2010

Lenovo S10-3T and Crystal HD

For those looking to increase your HD video performance with the S10-3T you could try to install the Crystal HD card.  However I have found out that there's not that much improvement as of right now.  Maybe in the future the Crystal HD will prove to increase performance by a lot.  The following three videos demonstrate the Crystal HD and the capabilities of the S10-3T.  This took one day of my life.

Crystal HD and Lenovo S10-3T

Installing the Crystal HD

S10-3T without the Crystal HD card

For more details check:

Gear on the videos:
Lenovo S10-3T with 2GB RAM, and Windows 7 Home Premium
Broadcom Crystal HD - BCM970012
Acer Aspire One first generation

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